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Topic: RMX Groove Midi Mode-Key Maps

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    RMX Groove Midi Mode-Key Maps

    According the RMX documentation it seems to be that the Key Maps for the Groove Midi Mode are factory set to start from C1(36) and C3(60) depends on the number of grooves included in a suite.
    My question is can I change this setting inside RMX so my grooves to start from other keys. I know how to do that from the host sequencer but I'm interesting if it can be done inside RMX or it is a limitation ?

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    Re: RMX Groove Midi Mode-Key Maps

    I think it would be difficult to manage inside rmx. If you change inside rmx what about previous host projects saved before change?

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    Re: RMX Groove Midi Mode-Key Maps

    Have you tried using the favorites suite?

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    Re: RMX Groove Midi Mode-Key Maps

    The answer is YES. Since v1.7 you can do this and it's shown in the tutorial video on managing your suites.

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    Re: RMX Groove Midi Mode-Key Maps

    Just to clarify, Eric is referring to the ability to change which key each groove is assigned to, relative to the base note of the suite. As he says, check out the Suite Editing tutorial for details on that and many other things you can do to customize your suites.

    However, the base note from which grooves play in the suite is always governed by the number of grooves in the suite. Otherwise, you'd have grooves that couldn't be played because they go off the end of your keyboard.

    - Glenn

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    Re: RMX Groove Midi Mode-Key Maps

    Thank you guys !
    In my original post I did not mentioned that I have tried to manage the suites but this allows me to move/map the elements to different keys in a suite.
    As GlennO pointed I can not change the Base Note of the suit which is determined according the number of the elements inside the suite.
    Let's say I want my elements to start from F2 ( Base Note) instead of C1.
    For now I see only two ways to that:
    1/ To create "Dummy" elements (just a few bytes) and fill the gab range.
    2/ To make Input transform in the Host App, which remaps the input notes.

    Do I miss something ?

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