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Topic: Vienna Symphonic question

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    Vienna Symphonic question

    Hi there. Using Sonar 8.5.2 with VSL SE. I have recorded a cello part that uses the orchestral patch with no problems. The part plays well. However I now need to edit the parts. The problem is that my playing is producing no sound. The keyboard is working as the Sonar midi track has lights indicating that the input is being recognized. Also on the VSL palyer some kid of input is being recognized as the inner circle of lights on the player lights up. However it seems that for there to be an audible output the outer circle needs to light up. This is not happening and I cannot hear what I am playing. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic question

    Do you have the mod wheel or another controller attached to the crossfade feature? I have found that in Reaper, whenever I stop playback, it reacts as if I had turned the modwheel all of the way to 0, which mutes the sound. It then jumps back up when I press play, or if I move the modwheel. Try turning that up before you start playing on the keyboard and see if that helps.

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic question

    Thanks for the mod wheel suggestion. Unfortunately it did not work.

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    Re: Vienna Symphonic question

    Possibly you used the sample purge function, and now only have a few samples loaded?

    Also check your volume fade CC#7.


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