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Topic: Forget the Prelude....2010

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    Forget the Prelude....2010


    I'm not sure why I posted that last song called "Prelude to 2010" cause it was pretty lame in retrospect. lol. (what was I thinking?)

    Anyway shortly after I came up with this piece called:


    When creating this piece I was really trying to get the realism of the Cello parts in a fairly quick movement. Also I was experimenting with using the double bass and a tuba to get a 'stab' in the bottom end. I attempted to blend it with the bass drum aswell.

    I still feel like I need to add some sort of percussive counter rythym, but I can't seem to get anything to fit. Something with Crotales or something, but I kinda ran out of inspiration.

    Anyway any criticims welcome. I'm here to learn!

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    Re: Forget the Prelude....2010

    Indeed more interesting than your previous entry, which was simply way too short... You certainly need to add another layer after bar 24 or 32 or so. The flute at the end is a good thought. Crotales could be interesting too, but you could also consider a slow melody an octave (or two) higher, and then some form of harmonic progression/modulation, because this cannot go on forever.

    As for a counter rhythm: I think anything goes. You could even try something random (I'm playing with a random rhythm these days), or one that places an accent at a slightly odd spot (e.g. between 2nd and 3rd beat, where there is place for a passing note), or regular vs. irregular rhythms.

    And you might get a better stab out of spread trombones (octave or fifth between them), and keep the tuba for reinforcing the bass.

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    Re: Forget the Prelude....2010

    Hey Theo!

    Thanks heaps for the comments. Really appreciate them!

    I had another attempt at making this a bit more progressive. I removed the tubular bells from the beginning of the piece and only added them at the outro to differentiate. This time instead of just hitting the F# I had it play a small progression.

    I added a violin/french horn slow melody to the second half of the song. Violins up an octave over the horn. Also threw in some handbells following the same melody that the piccolo flute plays at the end. But I did that a bar or so before. The piccolo flute plays a few bursts here and there to lead into the next progression.

    Added a tamborine under the percussion toys to the outro. I think that's about it from memory. (wow, from reading that it doesn't seem like I did much, but it took me 3 hours. lol)

    2010 - version 2

    Dwane Hollands

    "Always Experimenting!"

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    Re: Forget the Prelude....2010

    Ok, that's a good way to start a piece. It's a good elaboration of a 3 (6, 12, 24?) note theme. It has some of the "epic" film music style, and it certainly has enough tension, so it makes me expect a much softer, contrasting section right where you cut off (or perhaps 4 bars before that), and after that you could perhaps come back to the same theme, but with a different orchestration. Anyway, it's a lot of work, it always is. I guess that even the more experienced members here need their time, if only because there is always that one phrase that just needs a little ...

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    Re: Forget the Prelude....2010

    Hi Again Theo!

    I hear you about going to a softer contrasting section after the finale and then re-introducing the theme in a different orchestration. I've hit another brick wall as to how to begin the softer section after the last piece. It kinda sounds final.

    I recently watched the J.J. Abrams Star Trek (actually more than once ; ) and after the main theme crescendo they kick into the action scene (kid driving a corvette real hard on a dirt road).

    Don't get me wrong I'd love to add that section. I'm still trying to figure out something which doesn't sound corny. I've tried to begin a picollo flute line, but it sounded aenemic and cheap. Tried to extend the tambourine part. Or keep the tubular bells ringing in a single note 'church bell'.

    Sigh, just sounds too abrupt or unneccesary or pathetic. Almost like it needs to become another scene that is spliced together with relevant video content. Arghhh.

    Perhaps I'll begin another piece in softer tones and then return to original theme in a different orchestration. I have experimented with the mixing of the original with getting those hand bells, tubular bells and piccolo flute to be more easily heard.

    2010 - version 3 (remixed)

    I'll keep experimenting with the softer section!

    Dwane Hollands

    "Always Experimenting!"

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    Re: Forget the Prelude....2010

    You want to go even faster and harder? Well, that's possible, I guess. Try double time in the rhythm (e.g. drums in 1/16th), and add more sections, or step up on the mod wheel. That might make the previous section sound weak in comparison, but that's not something to solve in orchestration. That's something for the mix.

    The example you give is one where a lot of experience, effort and money has gone into. The music was composed by Michael Giacchino, of Lost and Call of Duty (the game) fame, and there probably were highly experienced recording, mixing and mastering engineers (and a huge orchestra, more info here). The production budget was estimated at 150 million dollars. I'm not saying you cannot achieve it with GPO and Sonar, but you're looking up to a formidable competition.

    Anyway, perhaps you should take a short piece of movie and try to write a score against that. Music for film is rather different from music for listening, and it seems you like that better than "pure" music.

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