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Topic: Move samples in GPO4?

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    Move samples in GPO4?

    I successfully installed GPO4. But, like the moron I am, I installed the samples on the system disk. I really want them on a disk dedicated to samples. I tried copying the samples folder to the external disc and "hiding" the original sample folder in the trash, but the error message simply indicated the the Aria player couldn't find the "Oboe 1" or whatever it was. Is there a way to move these?


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    Yes, me Too!

    Ha! I came here with the same question. I'm thinking I need to do a re-install with custom instead of basic install settings. I still have the download zip folder and pngs, but am wondering if I need to go into the libraries (Mac) for prefs and other stuff and thrash them also , of if I need only to trash the ARIA and Garritan folders in the Apps folder and re-install. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Move samples in GPO4?

    Theoretically it doesn't matter that the samples are on your system drive because samples are loaded into memory. In other words I don't believe they stream from disk which is primarily why you'd want them on a seperate drive/controller.

    Hope this helps. By the way are you getting poor performance and maybe think this is why?

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Move samples in GPO4?

    Thanks for the info, Swinkler. Yes--my interest in moving the samples to the external drive was to keep the system disk from having to work too hard. But I'm used to thinking in terms of audio files (I use Logic) and I confess that I really don't understand how the GPO files work. If, in fact, they put no undue strain on the system disk, I'm fine with leaving them there.

    I can't really say that I'm getting poor performance at the moment since I just purchased and installed the package yesterday. I tried a dummy test with 5 or 6 instruments, just to see that everything worked as it should. My new iMac quad core is such an improvement over my old duo core MacBook that the CPU meter barely even shows any activity when running songs that used to crash the old system. So I doubt I'm going to run into a lot of performance trouble.

    Thanks again for the info.

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    Re: Move samples in GPO4?

    Really good point, Swinkler. I was going to put samples in a separate (third, after audio) drive on general principles, but GPO is so small... the whole folder is less than 3 gigs, and I have tons of RAM, so there really is no need. I won't bother. Thanks for the good reply.

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