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Topic: Custom PART names in Trilian?

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    Custom PART names in Trilian?

    I've noticed in Trilian's Factory Multi presets that the parts have custom names (Gliss, Harmonics, Slide Up ...). This is great for easy viewing and getting a quick sense of what each part is.

    I've read the manual, viewed the vids, searched the web and cannot find how I can apply this 'custom naming' to MY user multi's.

    Is this a factory 'job'?


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    Re: Custom PART names in Trilian?

    To give custom names to your parts, you do it in the individual part's Edit window: In that window, click on the part name (middle top) with control-click or alt-click. Then type in the new name.

    This works for Trilian and Omnisphere.

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