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Topic: Correct way to refer to GPO

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    Correct way to refer to GPO

    Ok, far from a "developers" question but I don't know where else to ask.

    Am I allowed to place on a YouTube-ish site a music file produced with the help of GPO? If so, how do I legally / ethically refer to the Garritan Personal Orchestra? Is it a trademark? A registered trademark? Something else?


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    Re: Correct way to refer to GPO

    Hi Pat, it looks like I am the first to welcome you to this forum!

    If you own the Garritan software legally, you already have the right to make music with it and are not required to mention Garritan at all, however, if you use a Garritan product for a commercially produced movie, CD or DVD, it is requested by Garritan that the reference to Garritan Libraries be mentioned in the CD/DVD documentation or credits in the movie.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Re: Correct way to refer to GPO

    Thanks for the very quick response. I now know I don't have to credit Garritan, but I would still like to. I'd still like to know what kind of entity "Garritan Personal Orchestra" is. I'm assuming it's either a trademark or a registered trademark but I don't know which. (I don't know the difference between the 2 except for the little superscript character used.)

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    Re: Correct way to refer to GPO

    Garritan Personal Orchestra is a registered trademark, which means it has an ® next to it in print. It means that the mark is registered with the US Patent office and Garritan has exclusive rights to use it for marketing goods & services.

    You're still free to mention GPO by name. You just can't sell a different product with the name Garritan Personal Orchestra.

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    Re: Correct way to refer to GPO

    According to Page 6 of the GPO3 Manual, in What You Can Do:

    "If you do use these sounds, we ask that in any written materials or credits accompanying your music that utilizes material from Garritan Personal Orchestra (Cd Booklet, film credits, etc.) that you include the following courtesy credits: 'Orchestral samples used in this recording are from Garritan Personal Orchestra®'."

    I would assume that if you used orchestral samples from multiple libraries, you would amend the sentence to include all libraries used.

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