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Topic: Unclear - Stylus Sound Menu vs Kit Component?

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    Unclear - Stylus Sound Menu vs Kit Component?

    Hello... I am ready to purchase Stylus RMX.
    It's a bit unclear to me what the difference is between a "Sound Menu" item and a "Kit Component" ?

    I watched the video and read the HTML Manual... and it's still fuzzy.
    Also... I hope that Spectrasonics will produce and more current "Using Stylus with Logic". The Stylus/Logic 7 video that I watched doesn't really apply to the last 2 versions of Logic.

    Thanks for any replies.

    BTW... I bought Trilian last month. LOVE IT!

    Hope to see more work on the ARP.
    The ARP in NI's FM8 is an excellent example of what a lot of users like.
    It's very flexible. Easy to get your head around. It's REAL TIME (animated/seq).

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    Re: Unclear - Stylus Sound Menu vs Kit Component?

    A soundmenu is made of up to 64 samples mapped to the keyboard so that you have a different sound on every key.
    A kit component covers only one sound and that is fixed to certtain keys of the keyboard.
    If you load a different kitcomponent into one RMX you get 8 different sounds all lined up in one octave.
    The advantage of that system is that you can easily swap out the snare without changing the rest of the kit.

    Both modes complement eachother quite nicely.
    I usually have 3 RMX in my template song.
    one for loops,one for menus and one in kitmode.

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    Re: Unclear - Stylus Sound Menu vs Kit Component?

    Thank you Hans.
    You short explanations brought a great deal of clarity.
    I ordered Stylus earlier today.

    Logic is my DAW and I'm keen to get my head around how this AU works within the host. As you recall I have Trilian. ( and were so gractious to send me your Tag Dancer template).

    I'm aware that the key constructs of Stylus RMX are much different than Trilian and Omni, due to the 'building block' methodology of rhythm composition. Hopefully it's approach will add much to the creative process ... with a short 'software' learning ramp.

    * Tag Dancer is so simple and yet so inspiring! Thank Again.

    Maybe.... you might toss up your Stylus project template that you mentioned. That would be most appreciated.


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    Re: Unclear - Stylus Sound Menu vs Kit Component?

    Just to add to the wonderful explanation by Hans:

    In kit mode, all the kits are consistent, with Kik drums, snares & whatever always mapped to the same keys. So if you import midi files (GM) into logic you can be sure that the drum track will work from the outset. Plus you can then keep swapping kits in RMX until you get the kit you like.

    On top of that you have the option of using midi channels 1-8 or a global midi channel 10 for your kits.

    Enjoy your RMX and elsewhere on this forum (recently) you'll find links to Skippy & Nine Volt Audio, where you'll find many more tutorial videos.
    Neil B
    Pentium 4 PC Windows XP Home 32 bit 3.6 Ghz, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Trilian, Kontakt 3, GPO 3, EWQLSC, Scope Pulsar II, Cubase 4.5

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