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Topic: GPO/Kontakt player vibrato question

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    GPO/Kontakt player vibrato question

    I'm using Garritan Personal Orchestra 1.2 with Kontakt player version Is there a MIDI controller I can use to apply vibrato to the instruments?


    Steve Johnson

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    Re: GPO/Kontakt player vibrato question

    The short answer is use aftertouch in combination with CC17. This only works on instruments that do not have vibrato already sampled into them like Solo Flute and the solo strings. There is a complete list here on the site and a good explanation of all the CCs in the manual. Also read some of the tutorials on this site and the Garritan site for more in depth understanding.
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    Re: GPO/Kontakt player vibrato question

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Johnson View Post
    I'm using Garritan Personal Orchestra 1.2 with Kontakt player version Is there a MIDI controller I can use to apply vibrato to the instruments?


    Steve Johnson
    Hello Steve and a warm welcome to our forums.

    There is a free update to a higher version of GPO which uses Kontakt Player 2 and I would recommend this update. I would add that GPO KP2 does not offer any other options for your vibrato other than that in rich's excellent reply. However, the GPO KP2 does have fixes and other improvements.

    If you are interested in following the steps I have given, the usual disclaimer applies that you download and install at your own risk and that I cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Having got that out of the way, just about everyone in our community has either updated to KP2 or upgraded to GPO4 with the Aria Player.

    Back up everything first and create a new restore point.

    (1) Go to the Native Instruments site at: http://www.native-instruments.com
    (2) Select 'Support' then 'Updates and Drivers'.
    (3) Now you need to login to your account then the 'Personal Update Manager' opens.
    (4) In the 'Product Field' at the bottom select 'Garritan Personal Orchestra' then in the next field select 'Win' or 'Mac' then click 'Send'.
    (5) In the next window you should see both; 'Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt Player 2.2.3 Update' and 'Serial number for Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt Player 2'.
    (6) Download your new KP2 Serial Number; you will need this to install the KP2 update.
    (7) Next download the 'Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt Player 2.2.3 Update'. It's important to select this option as this updates both the GPO library and the Kontakt Player.
    (8) Have new your KP2 Serial Number ready then install KP2.2.3.
    (9) Installing the KP2 update also installs the NI Service Centre. You just open the NI Service Centre to activate your KP2.
    (10) You could then download the KP2.2.4 update which updates just the player only.

    If you do decide to go ahead with the update, let us know how you got on.
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    Re: GPO/Kontakt player vibrato question

    Hello, Michael!

    I tried upgrading to Kontakt Player 2 a few weeks ago, and ran into problems. Mostly, it would freeze my computer when it started loading. After numerous uninstalls and reinstalls, the problem was still there, so I thought I had no choice but to stick with KP1. However, when I found out that the vibrato controller only works with KP2 instruments, I decided to have another go.

    Long story short, I have KP2 performing brilliantly now, and I'm thrilled! I especially like being able to apply filters to each patch, so that alone was a major improvement over what I was using before. Unfortunately, with my current computer I can't even think about upgrading to GPO 4, but I will be replacing my machine with a 64-bit computer in about 6 months. When I do, GPO 4 is on the top of my shopping list. Until then, though, I'll be very satisfied using KP2.

    By the way, on the vibrato issue, I was mainly interested in being able to use it on the bassoons. I was a bassoonist for many years, so it's only natural that I'm particular about how they sound. It sort of bugged me that the old GPO bassoon patch had no vibrato. However, with KP2 that problem is fixed, and my bassoons now have the nice, expressive sound I was looking for.

    While I'm here, I have a question for you. I'm working on a realization of a symphony-in-progress, and I"ll have a section about 10 minutes long I'd like to put out for people to listen to. Since I'm not using their current product, I imagine that the Garritan people wouldn't be interested. That being the case, could you point me to where I might be able to post this thing once I have it recorded?

    Thanks so much for your help!


    Steve Johnson

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