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Topic: Product request - Garritan Upright Piano

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    Product request - Garritan Upright Piano

    Any chance of seeing a Garritan Upright Piano? I'd love to play ragtime and blues with such an instrument...
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    Re: Product request - Garritan Upright Piano

    I did this just for you,,,
    The midi file of the Rootbeer rag played by D.W. Barnes downloaded from http://ww.ajsmidi.com

    I used the GPO piano, JABB brush drum kit, and the Trilian upright acoustic bass from Spectrasonics.

    I loaded the GPO piano twice, then set both of them to the same piano midi track, panned one left and one right with the tuning set a tad sharp on the right.

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    Re: Product request - Garritan Upright Piano

    While you're at it how about a Honky Tonk Piano

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