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Topic: How many VI's can you run in one project

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    How many VI's can you run in one project

    I'm relatively new to all of this. I bought a new PC dedicated to music its a quad core with 4GB of Ram running on Windows XP with Pro tools 8.0.1. with seperate hard discs and loads of room.

    I was just trying to set realistic expectations and was wondering if you could share your experience.
    I was hoping to setup a template with Omnisphere, Stylus and trilian. But I can never get all 3 to load in the one project even with nothing else going on. Sometimes I even have trouble loading even one.
    I have contacted various avenues of support namely PC manufacturer Inta audio, spectrasonics and pro-tools and haven't really got anywhere. So I was hoping some other users could perhaps help me.
    Is it likely that I have PC issues? Pro-tools issues? or just unrealistic expectations.
    I'd love to hear if there are users out there running projects with 5-6 VI's and loads of other tracks and plugins or am I living in cookoo land!


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    Re: How many VI's can you run in one project

    For starters if you want to take advantage of your 4 gig of ram, you'll have to upgrade to a 64 bit operating system. Your problem there is that ProTools is not 64 bit compatible.
    Even so you should be able to get quite a bit of performance (several VSTi's) with a Quad system unless your system is not tweaked properly. I'm not certain that ProTools is the greatest host for midi composing.

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