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Topic: Happy Halloween!

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    Happy Halloween!

    Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween!

    Trick or Treat!

    And don't forget to enter your Creepy Spooky Halloween music in the Creepy Spooky Halloween Music Contest.

    And set your clocks back tonight.

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Same to you and your family Gary.

    The "old Black and Orange" sure does
    prove that Autumn is in full swing. Also,
    the time change happens concurrently
    except for our Arizona, Hawaii and Puerto
    Rico friends...............lol

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Gary, you're the greatest

    SCARE itan in the world!
    Happy Holloween to you and Marianne and the rest of your family too!


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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan View Post

    I Hope You all Have a BOOTIFUL Evening - That guy is driving me batty!

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    I'm ready...

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux View Post
    I'm ready...

    Aren't you going to dress up EtLux?
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Quote Originally Posted by wrayer View Post
    Aren't you going to dress up EtLux?
    I *am* dressed up. Got on my sequined shorts underneath...

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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Well, Halloween has passed, and that is one more year of no trick or treat activity here. After dark (and in daylight) this road looks like a haunted forest. After dark, it is quite spooky, unlighted, and sufficient mountain lion screams and activity to discourage foot traffic.

    So how did you fare?


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    Re: Happy Halloween!

    Ours was an uneventful Halloween. No mountain lions here in Ohio to ward off halloween tricksters just a 35 mile an hour road that everyone does 45 plus on and NO sidewalks. So, we had a quiet night. Well, except for that ghost in the attic but he's always around. (I really think its mice and chipmunks myself.)
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