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Topic: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

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    Arrow ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    For Symphony Orchestra
    By David J. Sosnowski

    To Listen:

    The completed score is available on
    the site as well (12.13.08).


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    I love it David! Don't take this the wrong way, but your orchestral music always reminds me of Hovanhess and Rautavaara - two of my all time favourites.

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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Many thanks for posting, David; I enjoyed this immensely. The orchestral textures are wonderful, with great interplay between sparseness and lushness, and between jagged percussion and piano on the one hand and the more spun-out sound of the strings on the other. I also like how triads seem occasionally to emerge and darken into more ambiguous harmonies; I even thought I heard a Ravel-like bluesy harmony in bar 7, but that might just be me. The repeated one-note theme (last played by the clarinet at bar 49) sounds insistent, but also slightly despairing, as if it's trying to say something that is never manages to articulate. In short, great stuff, and a very nice way indeed of ending my Sunday evening!

    Best wishes,

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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    A great piece. I further cannot comment on this. I have to listen to it a second time. It kept me at "het puntje van mijn stoel" (Dutch) roughly translated it kept me at the edge of my chair, all the time. I also read the score at the same time. Really a great piece.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    great work David,
    I love those low winds!!!!

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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)


    The opening in this is fantastic and the flutes do a run that I just loved. Great music all around, but that is to be expected.

    Just another piece that will give me ideas.

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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Even on a second and third listening, the progression of the novel musical ideas stays fresh and surprising. I love the orchestral effects.

    A work that is both immensely enjoyable and truly inspirational.


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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    I've listened to it a few times and need more but I really like this. It's mostly quite beautiful sound wise and from what I can tell very well thought out.

    A pretty dark ending which is different for you. Actually, the whole piece is somewhat dark in nature.

    It seems like a departure from much of you other work. Realism vs romanticism maybe.

    I'm very impressed!


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    Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    I get a sense of discouragement. A beautiful expression of frustration and release. Linear writing, subtle harmonies, and Sosnowski's abrupt percussive or dynamic interruptions. You tend to stretch the fabric of your work. Elasticity has it's way of finding a playful spot to snap!

    Wonderful work David!

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    Thumbs up Re: ENTANGLEMENT - Symphony Orchestra (Sosnowski)



    To me it feels you have reached a new level in your composing.

    There is simplicity and minimalism in its complexity,
    there is great clarity and assurance in spite of entanglement,
    there is precision and purity of sound in its atonality,
    it engulfs and spreads flowing energy at the same time.

    I also like the fact that it was short…

    It is a powerful piece that can't leave one untouched!

    Thanks for sharing it with us,


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