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Topic: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    Quote Originally Posted by raweber View Post
    Tell you what, Jim, I chickened out last time you were in town (I'm really shy), and was too embarassed to let you know. Thanks for the second chance.
    That's ok, Rob...just remember...I'm Snorlax...I don't bite...I just snore.
    I'll give you more advance warning next time!!

    If you live in/near the Heights, I love Leaves & Beans.
    Panera's is fine too...
    In-laws live not far from Aggie's
    And I have to visit Kidder's Music when I'm in Peoria.

    Hope to add you to the ever-growing list of forum people I have met!!
    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    That was a great thread, if I don't mind saying so.
    I looked for it too and I couldn't find it anywhere.

    So here it is again, hopefully this won't get deleted.
    It took over two hours to make the following post.


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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    Regardless of what DAW software you are using, it is necessary to have designated outputs for each instrument
    if you care to create the best mix your music deserves.

    The following information provides specific details to access additional stereo audio group outputs in Native Instruments'
    Kontakt Player2.
    After completing the following tasks, each instrument can be recorded into a separate audio track in your DAW,
    and then proper control of levels can be accomplished with the maximum amount of flexibility and quality.

    This will take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.
    Open your Kontakt Player2 in the DAW, however you do that. If you have quite a few Garritan Libraries,
    it should look something like this...

    The Kontakt Player2 has only two "stereo" group outputs by default, which is poor design in my opinion,
    but we are going to create 15 more stereo groups, so we can load sixteen instruments, and have dedicated
    "unique" outputs for each.

    At the top of the Kontakt player, click on the outputs tab...

    next, click on "Add Channel"

    you will get this annoying dialog box that you can just ignore every time.

    we need to do this 14 more times....

    Once you have added 15 channels, (they are stereo) so technically we have added 30 channels, we need to name them.
    I renamed my st.1 channel to (1-2) if you are a nitpicker like me, you want them centered, so you need to put a space first,
    then 1-2. I also renamed my second channel which was st.2 to .... can you guess?...... that's right.... space3-4.
    I continued to name the rest of the newly added stereo channels sequentially 5-6, 7-8, 9-10.... and so on,
    all the way up to our last stereo channel 33-34. It should now look like this...

    Even though we have added new faders in the Kontakt mixer, they are dead since they are not assigned to anything,
    so we need to assign them to the correct outputs. Let's do that now,,,, click on the 5-6 fader's configure (conf.) button
    located under the fader....

    you will now see a box similar to this...

    click on the first --not connected-- and scroll down and choose unassigned out 5.
    Then click on the second --not connected-- and scroll down and choose unassigned 6. Then hit OK.

    I can't show a picture of this because my outputs are already finished and I don't want to do it all over just for a screenshot.
    Continue on with your next channel and do the same thing of course, the next would be unassigned 7 and unassigned 8.
    Do this for all your newly added channels.

    Once you have finished assigning the outputs of all the channels, click "Reset Out Map".... This will activate your new channels.


    click on "Make Default"... if you don't, the next time you use the Kontakt player
    you will have to go through all of these painfully aggravating steps again.
    From now on, each time you use the Kontakt player in a new project,
    your output channels will all be there waiting for an instrument.

    Moving right along...
    let's check this whole thing out,... load a flute from GPO, any flute will do,

    By default, the Kontakt player assigns this flute to audio out 1-2. If we play a few notes, with the mod wheel turned up,
    we will of course hear the sound, because Kontakt reserves the first stereo output "pair" to the DAW's main stereo output.
    This is why we will not use 1-2 for assigning to audio track/s.

    so, let's assign this flute to 3-4...

    It is important to know that most of the single instruments in GPO like woodwinds and brass, were recorded with just
    one microphone, this makes them (mono) or a single channel. We don't want to waste two channels of outputs
    for just one mono instrument, so we let two instruments share a stereo "pair".

    Later I will post a list of the instruments in GPO and JABB that indicate the stereo or mono status of every sound in those libraries.

    If you look on the right-hand side of the player, you will see two slide faders, the first one is pan, (short for "panorama")
    and the second is volume. Another idiotic thing that these are not labeled. Does Native Instruments have beta testers?

    Set this flutes' pan slider all the way to the left (hard left). This will cause the flute to only be heard in the left channel
    of the chosen stereo "pair".
    "left" is always odd numbered channels, and "right" is always even numbered channels.... get it? Do you see a pattern here?

    Remember this.... setting the flute hard left is for the purpose of assigning it to an audio track in the DAW,
    after it is recorded, the audio tracks' "pan" will determine the flute's position on stage, from left to right in the final stereo mix.

    Let's load a second instrument, but this time, let's make it an Oboe.

    Set the Oboe's stereo output "pair" to the same as the flute, which is (3-4) and set the pan slider all the way to the right,
    hard right. This will cause the Oboe to only be heard in the right channel of the chosen stereo "pair".

    Now we need to setup or ADD the appropriate mono audio tracks in the DAW that these instruments will be recorded into.

    The first mono audio track in the DAW will be named flute and it's input will need to be Kontakt Player2-1 3

    Those numbers can be very confusing, which is Native Instrument's fault.

    It says Kontakt Player2 because it is the second version of Kontakt.
    Right after that is a dash and the number one, which indicates the first Kontakt player instance, in other words,
    if you had more than 16 instruments, you would fill up the first player, and then create a second Kontakt instance.
    Moving on, the "3" means audio channel so again,,,

    The second mono audio track in the DAW will be named Oboe, and it's input will be Kontakt Player2-1 4.

    Instruments that are stereo need a stereo audio track in the DAW.

    So, if we had a Steinway piano loaded next, it would need a stereo "pair" all to itself,
    and logically we would use the next available stereo "pair" which would be 5-6.

    One last thing,,, it is a good idea after you load each instrument, to increase the volume slider to about 0 db.

    db = decibel, the measurement of volume.
    Zero db is not OFF, zero db means,... no increase of gain,... and no reduction of gain.
    Look at the values when you move the slider, it will be about here...

    The programmers purposely set the gain low on the instruments, assuming that many instruments would be used simultaneously,
    and would cause overloading of the master volume of the player. That does not concern us, because we are recording individual instruments into separate audio tracks, and we want good solid level during recording.

    THAT'S IT!


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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    THANKS, DAN!!!Happy Thanksgiving.
    I'm in Evansville, IN tonight...not too far from St. Louis!

    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    Quote Originally Posted by snorlax View Post
    THANKS, DAN!!!Happy Thanksgiving.
    I'm in Evansville, IN tonight...not too far from St. Louis!

    glad to help Jim,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    Dan, the most important thing I took away from that post is that I can still create mono instruments! I thought that all my Kontakt instruments were stereo by default, whether the samples were stereo or not. Thanks!

    Any chance we can make that post a sticky?

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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    Hi Ken,
    please email gary@harps.com and ask him if he can make it a sticky.

    Please send him this link as a reference to my earlier post.


    I'm glad you were able to get something of use out of it

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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    For convenience download KP2 Output defaults and unzip it to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\default\ (WinXP & Vista). Next time you open your DAW, 4/8/16 (KontaktPlayer2_8out/KontaktPlayer2_16out/KontaktPlayer2) stereo outs are automatically set up for you.

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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    Great Tutorial! I have a question/problem I use sonar 7PE I followed all the steps and everything routes properly, I just can't figure out how to record the audio. On sonar I see the levels moving in the audio/midi tracks when I play the keyboard but there is no way to arm/Rec track can you help or maybe some else can?
    Also I can only go to tracks 31-32(Kontak) in the tutorial you have 33-34 am I doing something wrong or is this a misprint.


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    Re: Multiple Kontakt Outs - Sonar and JABB

    While Dan is the expert in Kontakt and GPO, I use Sonar and can speak to recording tracks.

    When you first insert Kontakt into your synth rack, you have the option of automatically creating all the audio outs, just the first audio outs, or no audio outs at all. Unless you are planning on using most or all of the audio outs from Kontakt, I wouldn't go the first route as it will immediately dump 64 audio tracks into your project.

    So, choosing the second or third option, you need to then create output tracks for Kontakt. Do this by adding audio tracks and then under the "I" button, choose the appropriate output from Kontakt. If you don't change the names of the outputs like Dan does, they will be labelled "Kt. st. 1 Left (mono)" and so on. Use these names to tie the instrument outputs in Kontakt with your audio inputs in Sonar.

    Now, to record the audio, you have two options - you can freeze the track (using the standard Sonar method) or just leave everything as is. When you mix down using the File>Export>Audio command, the softsynths will render just like the regular audio tracks. I tend to freeze the synth tracks to save processing power, and I can see exactly where all my automation envelopes fall.

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