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Topic: New Multi For All Garritan K2 Libraries

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    Re: New Multi For All Garritan K2 Libraries

    Hi Mike,
    I am using PMPM Jabb Quintet multi (i've tried all the multis that come the download) with theK2 player(
    and I am getting a latency issue. When I press a key there is a slight delay.
    I've tried the JABB patches without the Multi and they work fine no latency is there something i'm not setting up?
    I'm using sonar 7 with ASIO drivers on PC XP pro -4gig ram amd dual core
    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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    Re: New Multi For All Garritan K2 Libraries

    Hi Mike,

    You helped me set up a previous version of the PMPM in Band in a Box a while back, but I never really understood how to use it. I am interested in getting the new version if it can do what I think it can. Can you help me? I have the following questions:

    ·Do I understand the purpose of the PMPM correctly to provide a more “human” touch to midi performances such as those contained in a midi file (as opposed to those that are created in real time using midi controllers)?
    ·I have the JABB library and would like to use it to create big band and solo instrument arrangements of jazz standards. If I create a standard midi file of a song and then run it through Kontakt (I’m currently using Reaper as my DAW), will using the PMPM result in a more believable performance?
    ·Is it easy (for a newbie) to control the amount of vibrato, growl, etc.?
    ·If I have a midi file with a brass section (including several saxes, let’s say) having each instrument on a separate midi channel, would I need to run each midi channel through a single instance of Kontakt running the PMPM?
    ·Finally, do you know if JABB runs in Kontakt 3.5? I currently have the full version of 3.5 running, but can revert to KP2 Player if necessary.

    Thanks in advance! I will likely subscribe once I get your responses.

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