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Topic: Conclusion to the course, and a look ahead

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    Re: Conclusion to the course, and a look ahead

    Fully agree with wouldrichest.
    Arranging vocals and how to score accompaniment for singers is very important topic.
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    An amazing find...

    It's not that easy to get a decent education in composition, which includes orchestration - not until now. There's no excuse, any longer.

    In 1981, I had a middling teacher. After that, I gave up on finding insightful composition teachers at university. I had one bright spot at City College - CUNY, in 1988.

    I stumbled on this interactive method - impressive method!

    While there may be no substitute for an excellent teacher, most writers of music today, in 2011 have very little in the way of a teacher. It's not only wise, for lessons can make the Garritan program sound a lot better, but it is an act of kindness.

    I missed the class on orchestration (which would have used Piston), years ago. To be able to access the text, to hear it in GPO terms: this will make an enormous difference to me.

    Thanks. Peace to all who make music.
    Sylvester Wager

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    Re: Conclusion to the course, and a look ahead

    I've just finished the course and am wondering a little 'what next?'. I'm planning to read through the book again and to read Adler's one as well. I'm also going to continue to compose and of course to orchestrate some of my material, which up to now has been mostly in an electronic/jazz/progressive style. I am currently 'sitting in' on music lectures in a music degree programme in a local university (I teach in another department there) and this course has dovetailed really well with that. If anyone had any suggestions for further study or how to take the next step into actual orchestration as opposed to the study thereof, I'd appreciate it.

    One other thing I was wondering about: There were plenty of great exercises during the Melody section but they disappeared altogether once the Harmony section started. Why was that? It's a pity as I found working through the exercises was a great way to consolidate and integrate the material.

    Anyway thanks to Gary and to everyone else for putting this great resource together. It has changed my approach to composition drastically. I also bought GPO last night, even though I already own EWQL Silver Complete and the Orchestral Jam Pack included with Logic, which is my DAW of choice. Silver is missing some instruments and articulations and the whole interface etc. of GPO looks very good and user-friendly so I am looking forward to getting stuck into learning and using it.


    Edit: I've just discovered the GPO Academy so that looks like it will go a long way towards answering my question about 'what next?' as well as providing the opportunity to do more assignments and exercises. Excellent.

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