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Topic: GPO Tutorial Question on Arranging w/ Keyboards.

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    GPO Tutorial Question on Arranging w/ Keyboards.

    OK guys...please forgive for a "real stupid" question but on the GPO's website under tutorial..do those techniques only work for Garritan, or does the same prinicpal/techniques also apply for anybody who have a keyboard w/ built-in samples of string,brass,woodwinds,percussion...etc...

    Right now I've got a Yamaha Clavinova (CVP-207), and I would like to know if the same principals/tutorials that are found on the GPO website for arranging can also be apply to the keyboards like Roland/Yamaha/Korg...etc...

    Thanks For Trying to Understand Me!...

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    Re: GPO Tutorial Question on Arranging w/ Keyboards.

    GPO uses a unique controller system to allow you to 'sculpt' various articulations and techniques. Although some GPO tutorial techniques may work with keyboard samplers, most of them will probably work only with GPO due to the way the library is programmed. Each keyboard sampler has their own different approach to technique and some are very good.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Tutorial Question on Arranging w/ Keyboards.

    Any tutorial based on musical principles rather than software-specific ones should apply. Some of the software-specific ones may be adaptable to other sample libraries, but the specific control methods will likely be different.
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    Re: GPO Tutorial Question on Arranging w/ Keyboards.

    One of the better books out there that can give you practical help is the "Guide to Midi Orchestration" by Paul Gilreath. You can buy it through Amazon, or directly from MusicWorks. (You can do a search here on the Northernsounds forums for other discussions of the book. I found out about it here.)

    Here's the URL: http://www.musicworks-atlanta.com/

    I would encourage you to ask your questions here, too. The folks on the Garritan forums are some of the nicest and genuinely helpful folks out there on the web.

    Take care,
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    Re: GPO Tutorial Question on Arranging w/ Keyboards.

    I was really lucky to find the book Musicianship In The Digital Age at my local library...it really is a great book, talks about recording, sequencing, music theory, arranging, composition, etc... When I return that book back to the library, I'm going to march on over to Borders and purchase my very own copy!
    Then I will go back to the library and pick up Guide to Midi Orchestration, and if that is another good book, then I will purchase that one too!

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