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Topic: Amazing job Gary

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    Amazing job Gary

    I have not really had much time yet to completely got through this section, but I just wanted to say what an amazing job you have done of compiling all this info and presenting it here as tutorials. This must have taken a lot of your time. So great of you to do this.

    A lot of the regulars here I am sure are very up on all of this, perhaps some even take some things for granted since they have had the knowledge and expertise for some time. I say that not in a bad way, it happens when you have been an expert for a while.

    But for guys like me who are not so up on all of this, this is an amazing find. I come from a rock and jazz background with no experience in scoring for an orchestra. I intend to immerse myself in this tutorial.

    Even though I have had GPO for a while, and more recently purchased J&BB, I am embarassed to say I have not spent much time with it other than just a cello or a violin part here and there on a recording. But now I am hoping this course will provide the help I need to inspire me to "get more into it" and attempt to write bigger scores.

    I have a lot to learn, but this really helps.

    Thanks Gary, way above and beyond the call.

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    Re: Amazing job Gary


    Thanks for your encouraging words. It certainly did take a lot of time and it could not have been pulled off without the hard work of Robert, Sean, Bob, Lukasz and the rest of the great team.

    You have articulated one of the main reasons I wanted to do this - that is, many musicians want to be able to orchestrate but lacked the tools to do so. Many either cannot afford or have the time or wherewithall to take a formal course. And just reading a text can be dry, non-intuitive and cryptic.

    There are other forum members and guests who are in the same sutuation you are and this course is for such people.

    I am glad you are expecting this course to inspire you to write greater music. It is my hope it exceeds your expectations.

    Gary Garritan

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