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Topic: Egosys Gigastation??

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    Egosys Gigastation??

    Found this on Egosys site. A bit cryptic for the moment...More to come.

    Nov. 29, 2000
    From Seoul, Korea

    GIGAStation, the ultimate hard disk sampler tool kit, is ready to ship.

    Nowadays, musicians do not have to use the rack-mountable samplers thanks to fast computer system.

    GIGA Station is the new alternative to the sampler. By using hard disk as sampler memory, the musicians can enjoy their creative works in much bigger space than ever.

    GIGAStation - hard disk sampler hardware
    GIGAStation provides 8 channel analog outputs for most popular hard disk sampler, Gigasampler. GIGAStation is the audio card specially designed for use with Gigasampler. It includes all the features you need to build the hard disk sampler system from the scratch without dispensable wastes.

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    Re: Egosys Gigastation??

    Thanks Elle - interesting to follow

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    Re: Egosys Gigastation??

    the thing is now online. Look at the small bars on \'products\'.

    Also got this reply:
    As you may found out, GIGAStation is output only audio interface
    especially for the Gigasampler and ASIO driver supporting software synths.
    Price wise, GIGAStation is very affordable tahn any other audio interface
    yet support higher quality digital audio interface specification.

    Again, GIGAStation is designed to use with software synthesizers.


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