I’ve been experimenting with Sample Wrench XE. I find it nearly impossible to get a good loop, as the volume decreases sharply at the point of the loop. I had hoped that I would get better loops using this than on my Akai S3200XL, but the Akai seems generally to give better loops over the crossfade.
Is there an optimum setting within Wrench for looping?
Also, I have imported via MESA some strings from the Akai and quickly made them into a program for GigaSampler. (frighteningly quick and easy) However, nearly all the loops clicked, whereas they never did on the Akai. On loading a string WAV into Wrench, the loop marker had disappeared. In fact, looped waves from any of the Giga disks do not display their loops in Wrench. What is going on? I had hoped to import my entire library of orchestral samples into Giga Sampler, but it looks like I have a long job ahead of me in re-looping them.
Has any one any help, advice, suggestions etc.?
Thank-you in advance.
Alistair Lock