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Topic: Gigasystem specs...

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    Gigasystem specs...

    Hello everyone,

    I\'ll be building my dedicated gigasystem soon...just wanted some opinions on the specs I plan to have:

    -Asus A7m266 motherboard
    -Athlon 1.4 GHz processor
    -1 GB DDR ram
    -20 GB Maxtor hard drive (for OS)
    -60 GB Maxtor hard drive (gigasamples)
    -Terratec EWS88D soundcard
    -Windows 98 SE

    Any thoughts? I\'d greatly appreciate ALL info offered.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Gigasystem specs...

    By the way...

    I will be using Giga for full orchestra - I want to max out the 160 polyphony!

    I will also have nothing else on the system at all...just Gigastudio.


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    Re: Gigasystem specs...

    You should be fine.

    Though you may want to look into SCSI if you want alot of overhead.

    Really, for Orchestral Works, and all the new libraries. I suggest a couple of GigaSystems.

    You can build one for each sectin of the orchestra The amount of of poly taken up by new libraries with Release Triggers and Multiple layers eats up 160 in no time.

    Another Option is to build \"custom\" instruments by mixing samples together to create a \"simple\" patch that you use often.

    It saves on the tediousness of programming your sequencer for similar sounds all the time. But you still have the option of going back to your seperate patches.

    look at me I\'m talking libraries again....

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Gigasystem specs...

    When you say a couple gigasystems, are we talking about more computers as well? I\'m THOROUGHLY confused. My specs are: 1.1 Gigahertz Athlon, 133 chip, 256 Megs of ram, (512 soon) Gina 24/96. What do I need to make full use of Gigastudio? I mean, damn, I can\'t be buying more computer stuff again and again. Aie! Virtual Orchestras are pricy.

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