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Topic: Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?

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    Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?


    What are people finding to be a reliable 88-note controller keyboard for GS? I will be shopping around in the coming months.

    I currently own a Peavey C8p (I bought it new in mid-90\'s, and it has been pampered and lightly used at home only). Although the action is lovely & heavy & other features fine, it has had to go in for midi-contact cleaning (oxidized parts) 3 times in the last 2 years, and recently a second midi spring broke (this is in a home-only, lightly played dust-covered, clean, immaculate, kid-gloves setting. God forbid if I were ever to actually use the thing as its designers intended - in endless nights in the road, performing in smoky clubs etc.). Needless to say, I run the de-humidifier, and the air cleaner like mad, keep it\'s dust cover on etc., to reduce the oxidization. My technician said the culprit is in the poor choice of opposing alloys in the contact parts.

    My technician also said the old Korg T-1\'s had gold-plated contacts. This model is no longer made. Roland & Yamaha look good, (rubber-coated contacts) but big heavy-weighted actions are rare any more. (I am also seriously looking a the entry-level Gulbransen optical midi kit (1 zone 1 channel, but humidity-proof) and putting it in an old church-basement 52\" upright piano).
    Does anyone know of the company that made a simple, lever-activated \"felt-blanket\" string silencer for real pianos? I\'d want something like that too, for late nights.

    Any useful suggestions would be welcome.

    Thanks, -Stories.

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    Re: Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?

    Hello Stories,

    I\'d stay away from the rubber coated contacts if I were you. These \'membrane switches\' become brittle, then they tear and give you intermittent closing of the contacts. I had a Yamaha PF85 with this problem after only a year and a half of moderate home use. It\'s been documented too, I don\'t remember where I read it. I played, over a period of several months, a floor model Yamaha S80 in one of the retail stores, after a while sometimes certain notes wouldn\'t work all the time. A store guy (not necessarily the most knowledgeable about these things)told me when asked that this new S80 had membrane switches.

    At the time, my tech told me that the Fatar action uses precious metal contacts. You might want to check this out- I\'ve had a Fatar Studio 2001 for 7-8 years now without any problems other than a squeaking note once and a funky pot beneath one of the wheels.


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    Re: Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?

    I am ver content with my Fatar/Studiologic SL-1100. It works, great keys and it is quiet - well silent.



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    Re: Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?

    I\'m quite content with my Roland RD600 which is about 3 years old. It gets pretty heavy use and has had no contact problems. It is a weighted action and feels very good. My only negative reaction is that if the keys are struck with any sideways energy they make a metallic clunk. up-down is quiet. There is supposed to be an improved version of the action out now (with variably weighted keys).

    The best responding action I ever encountered on a digital keyboard is Yamaha\'s hammer action on their ridiculously expensive digital grand. I don\'t know if they\'ve introduced this action in any other products. Can\'t comment on the contacts.


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    Re: Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?

    Hi SCARBEE and michael88s.
    I currently have an ELKA MK88 masterkeyboard and I was thinking to upgrade to a Fatar (I\'m italian!). But I couldn\'t get correct informations about the number of footswitches models 1100 and 2001 accept. I\'ve seen a 2- and 3-pedals options on the Fatar catalog and I know that 1100 only has one input while 2001 has two of them (so, they could be one mono and one stereo in order to fit 3 pedals). Could you maybe give me more precise informations?

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    Re: Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?

    Have a look at the Ovberhaim MC3000. Ideal for elaborate gigastudio setups.

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    Re: Recommendations on 88-note keyboards?

    Hello rediesisminore,

    I have the Studio 2001- and the newer Studiologic 2001 is probably similar plus it may have a few other functions, but you should check with the manufacturer or the distributor.

    From my S2001 manual (I don\'t use all these functions):

    Switch inputs: 3 stereo phone jacks for footswitches: sustain/A input, inputs B/C, increment/decrement.

    I hope this helps.


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