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Topic: Tom's flute tutorial (applicable to all winds)

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    Re: Tom's flute tutorial (applicable to all winds)

    thanks for the info.....

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    Re: Tom's flute tutorial (applicable to all winds)

    Hi there Tom,
    I'm a total newbie and there is even more time elapsed since you wrote your flute tutorial and I hope you'll notice that there is another "retardataire" ("delayed chap") interested. I have more than one question. First of all please tell me where I can find a concise MIDI tutorial because when you (and many people and websites) are talking about modwheel or CC22 it doesn't mean anything for me. Or perhaps MIDI for the dummies ?
    My second question or remark is: in your tutorial you refer to some bars and beats in the flute piece but I didn't find the way to see or download the score. Can you help ?
    Third, I'm astonished when you say that the flute tutorial applies to the strings too. I purchased GPO 4 last night and now of course almost nothing about it but I noticed that flute sounds and string sounds have a very different attack. I think that specialists talk about the shape of the envelope of the sounds. The sounds of the flute has (almost) immediately its full volume while the one of the strings begins weaker than they become after a fraction of a second. By the way it is for me another difficulty: how can I have a string instrument's frank and hard attack (like for instance the first note/first movement of the string quartet "Death and the young girl" (if the English title is this) ? I downloaded the GPO manual from the website but didn't see a section treating with these matters.
    I'm sorry about my English and hope it is at least understandable. Thank you for any infromation and advice.
    Best regards

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    Re: Tom's flute tutorial (applicable to all winds)

    Does this tutorial apply to Jabb3 flute as well?
    Any differencies?

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