My system is a PIII 550, 256 ram, (2) 13.5 7200 hard drives w/2megs of cache, gina, and sblive! sound cards.

I am having the following problems. Pops and clicks in gigasampler and in cubase. However the problem seems to just be on playback becuase it is not recording pops and clicks. Although I do not seem to be having any pops or clicks w/ the sblive card.

My graphics seem to be REALLY slow on my system and I have a 32 nvida video card. By this I mean that whenever I move a window around when Cubase of GS is open there is a huge shadow that follows.

The performance meter in cubase goes half way up on the cpu side (it doesnt move on the disk side) with just 2 tracks of audio and two or three plugins running.

I have been having MULTIPLE crashes everyday for no apparent reason.

If I have my midi channels assigned in GS and I open Cubase through the seq. button whenever cubase opens it changes ALL of my midi channels around and I have to reset them.

So what could be the problem?!?!? My system should be rock n\' rollin but its just creaping along. Any ideas?????