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Topic: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

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    Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    We have an incredible array of knowledgeable and talented people here. Some are professors, authors, professional musicians, music educators, talented amateurs and hobbyists - and all of us are learners.

    Realizing this, Fabio Vicentini proposed an idea of creating a place on the forum where people can study and learn more about music. In making this idea into a reality, we are pleased to present the "GPO Academy" subsection of the forum.

    One of the main goals of this forum has been education and this community has evolved into a learning environment. Some operate under an mistaken assumption that it is a product, such as a sample library, that will make one become a master composer and orchestrator. Nothing can be further than the truth. It is the skill of the musician that has more to do with the sound of a library. It's just like a real instrument. You can take a Stradivarius violin and put it in the hands of a beginner and post an mp3 and people will post how awful it sounds. But is it the instrument that sounds awful and dreadful? Put it in the hands of a master and it will sound great. Same instrument - different hands. Same concept applies with a sample library. It is skill and knowledge that makes the difference. Our commitment does not end with the sale of a product, Education is more important than the product and we are committed to educating people to become better at their art.

    The GPO Academy will be a place where people are encouraged and where they can learn about a wide range of topics dealing with music. There will be online lessons and discussions to share knowledge and foster collaborative relationships between teachers and learners

    This is new for all of us and we will have some trial and error as we create our online learning center. Your input and participation is sought to help pave the way for collaborative learning.

    Thanks to Fabio for his inspiration and to PapaChalk and DeSound for creating this new section.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    Many thanks to Fabio for his wonderful idea, and Gary for his support! I hope to learn a lot!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    Many thanks to Fabio for his wonderful idea, and Gary for his support! I hope to learn a lot!
    I second that!

    I will share what I know - but will be in the student's chair more than anything!!

    Glad this is here

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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    Thank you to all who are working to make this a reality. I can hardly believe the generous attitude of so many people on this forum.

    Cheers to the GPO Academy!

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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    This is gonna be cool!


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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    sounds great! thanks for this!!

    hope we can get a lesson or four on orchestration: the use of timbres and the voicing of chords between orch. sections.

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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    This place is just wonderful, and to all of you who make it so, a big thanks and much love and respect.


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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    Academies normally require an entry qualification. I suggest it should consist of two things. Possesion of GPO and possession of Paul Gilreath's Guide to Midi Orchestration (I am currently on page 260). With those two ticks in the box, the students can get down to some real business.

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    Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    hey I always like this place for classical music even though I write music in every style I often come here when I use GPO. alwasy more to learn or I should say different approaches to music and music production. Great Idea this Academy thing. I agree that GPO should be part of the Academy but i think there will be a lot of people that just want to learn music theory or something.

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    Thumbs up Re: Welcome to the GPO Academy!

    Here's wishing all of you participating the best of luck and learnings! God knows you have all started a quest that has to be one of the most involved (that and the medical profession) and time consuming. May you all prosper, grow, and become the best musicians / composers you can be!
    Good luck to all of you!

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