I tried everything I know (and espesially don\'t know) to get Gigastudio to work with Win2000 / Delta 1010 / Sonar 2.0 but I haven\'t succseeded (See the Win2k / Delta 1010 / Sonar 2.0 / Giga 160 - CRASH BOOM HELP !!! topic), so I decided to go back to good ol\' Win98SE I try to get it work with WDM drivers for Delta1010... I installed the drivers as Killerbobjr suggested, and Sonar 2.0 WORKS fine, but Gigastudio keeps poping up the \"Error code 60000 : Your system does not have a giga-compatible audiocard\" message...\" Does anybody knows how to solve this issue ? Please help ! It would be really great to get both applications (Sonar & Giga) to run with WDM under WIN98se..... Thanx in advance !