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Topic: Putting Msg32 to bed!

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    Putting Msg32 to bed!

    Maybe it would be possible to determine if there is just one basic cause for the error if we shared a bit more info. When the crash occurs you have the option of pressing the Detail button. I don\'t recall seeing anyone mention the details behind their own private crashes. Here are mine. I suspect that the registers won\'t help much, but include them anyway. I\'d like to know if any of you with this heartbreaking problem have the same details upon crash:

    MSG32 caused an invalid page fault in module WSTREAM32.DLL at 0177:baa0dbdb.
    EAX=00000028 CS=0177 EIP=baa0dbdb EFLGS=00010246

    EBS=85301061 SS=017f ESP=0054fa8c EBP=8530161

    ECS=82503000 DS=017f ESI=852ff020 FS=1b1f

    EDX=00000000 ES=017f EDI=852ff785 GS=0000

    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    8b 42 02 55 8b 7b 02 89 53 16 89 87 b4 00 00 00

    Someone more familiar with software than I am could probably utilize this info to get a better idea about where the problem lies. I\'ve never seen mention anywhere else of the WSTREAM32.DLL anywhere, so in all probability it\'s a Nemesys library. I\'m sure they\'ve seen these listings before... others must have sent them these, but I\'d be interested to know if all (all??) you other sufferers have identical listings. Maybe some of you have the knowledge to make some kind of pronouncement on the meaning of the listing.
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    Re: Putting Msg32 to bed!

    I did a search at M$\'s support site. There are no knowledgebase articles with MSG32 or WSTREAM32. There were none.

    I might suggest that there are usually a few things to note about the failing machine that might be important. If people having trouble provide you with the following info, you can start to build a picture of the typoe of machien that fails. We\'re having some luck on the Pro Tools side figurign out solutions by doing this....

    1) Which OS?
    2) Do you update through MS Update or any other method? (Catch-UP?)
    3) How much memory in your machine?
    4) What performance settings are you using for Virtual Memory, machine type, etc., in Device Manager.
    5) Have you made any hand edits to your system.ini file (or any other system file) for performance reasons?

    This sort of information usually paints a pretty clear picture what sort of machine will fail.

    Just a few thoughts.


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    Re: Putting Msg32 to bed!

    Also, has anyone verified that Version 2.5 does NOT fix this for them? If Tascam says the problem has been addressed, let\'s not try to fix something that has already been fixed....

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    Re: Putting Msg32 to bed!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mark_Knecht:
    I did a search at M$\'s support site. There are no knowledgebase articles with MSG32 or WSTREAM32. There were none.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Search for msgsrv32, not msg32. Lots of pages at microsoft.com and even more everywhere else. This doesn\'t mean that they have the answer for you of course.

    Here\'s a scotch-tape solution that worked for me. I load my sequencer, then my multitrack audio app, then GSt... always in that order. I exit GSt, then my audio app, then my sequencer... always in that order.
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    Re: Putting Msg32 to bed!

    This issue has been brought up on this site many times in the past. Please do a search under wstream32 and msg32 for what these files do. These files are part of GigaStudio and not part of Windows. msgsrv32 IS NOT the same file as msg32 - these are 2 different errors. Wstream32 is the low level driver that does the hard disk streaming for Giga. Again, there have been many post by Joe Bibbo in the past on what causes this error. You may also want to search the Giga forum on Yahoo.

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