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Topic: Total Newbie Sonar Question

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    Total Newbie Sonar Question

    well, I\'m trying to add some EQ to an audio track, and the audition keeps trying to give me the first 3 seconds of the take, which I don\'t want to use as my reference. I want to use an area of the take about a minute in to set my EQ to. I tried that loop thingy but when I try to audition it keeps selecting the first 3 seconds. I know I can change that to something like \"audition for the first minute\" but what a waste of time. Any way to select a specific area to audition from?

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    Re: Total Newbie Sonar Question

    Why not apply effects in real time thereby eliminating the need to audition. You can listen and adjust you effects parameters as you go. This is much easier. Peace.

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    Re: Total Newbie Sonar Question

    Yeah, I was just following along with the book. What do I know? You betcha I would rather do it that way. I\'ll take a look...and thanks.

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    Re: Total Newbie Sonar Question

    To answer the question (although Nazaru\'s suggestion is definitely commendable) if you should, for any reason, want to apply a destructive edit to an audio file and base the effects settings on a section of the audio which lies later in the file then.... (breathes in after long sentence)

    Press down the alt key, click and drag over the portion of audio you wish to preview the effect with, then right click and select the effect desired. Through this method you can apply effects to small portions of files (Destructively) or you can preview effects settings on the part of the file you wish to hear it on, saving these settings, and then applying those saved settings to the whole audio file.

    Hope this helps someone,

    p.s. remember destructive editing is fun BUT.... always keep a backup of the original audio file just incase you change your mind later.

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    Re: Total Newbie Sonar Question

    thanks m8.

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