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Topic: Vibrato on stringed instruments...

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    Vibrato on stringed instruments...


    I would like to know what kind of techniques you use to create a realistic sounding vibrato on a stringed instrument: Strings, guitar, bass, etc.

    I use pitchbend myself, but to make it sound right you actually need to have a volume control to follow the pitch-vibrato - this can be seen in an audio-editor. Is there a way to automize this - or can you use LFO\'s (volume+pitch) with good results?


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    Re: Vibrato on stringed instruments...

    I carried out spectral/amplitude analysis on actual samples of vibrato strings. A satisfactory approximation can be obtained by adding both tremolo (LFO1, control depth = 250) and vibrato (LFO3, control depth = 25), frequency 5.0 - 6.0 Hz to vibrato-free samples.
    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Vibrato on stringed instruments...

    Hi Giorgio,

    This sounds good - but what about the actual \"sound\" don\'t we need a bit filter too or will the nature of samples (Mickey Mouse effect...)? help us this way?

    Now what we should have was a more \"human\" LFO with a slighty changing frequency - or maybe the speed could be controlled too.


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    Re: Vibrato on stringed instruments...

    I\'m using vibrato-free samples, obtained by processing vibrato samples by spectral analysis. Vibrato/tremolo is applied to the harmonic vs noise component with a different weight.
    As you suggest, further realism can be obtained by modulating the frequency of vibrato/tremolo with external controllers.


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    Re: Vibrato on stringed instruments...


    Could you post an mp3 demonstrating your technique? There is an upload/download page you can get to from this forum.


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