Here\'s the challenge: I want to crossfade a cello into a violin smoothly. The easiest way seems to me to be to merge, combine layers, highlight, right click, choose crossfade and move the \"crossfade triangles\" so that the top of the cello range fades out as the bottom of the violin range fades in.(They would overlap) BUT, the changes that I make to the \"triangles\" in the layer crossfade window do not have any effect on the cello or violin. And I reloaded, so it\'s not a question of not hearing the changes I had actually made. When I used Mod Wheel as controller, the changes were audible. But that does not achieve what I need. I selected NONE as my controller. And \"none\" was the audible change. Is there another controller I should be using? Is there a way to control volume and have it fade according to midi note number?