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Topic: An Interview with ROBERT KRAL - April 2002

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    Re: An Interview with ROBERT KRAL - April 2002

    Hi Malo,

    I basically do the same thing Robert does and it really works great. I have a low end Panasonic VCR running to my Pinnacle DC10+ card to capture the video (I got the card for $80), and my Gina card captures the audio. I always request a SMPTE burn in window on the VHS tape, which is all I need to sync things up. I also tell the client to keep a copy of the SMPTE window version for themselves so we\'ll have a common frame of reference for the music cue start times if we\'re talking on the phone or via email.
    I edit the captured video into clips and score each section individually, viewing the clips in a float window. I set the display time offset in my sequencer to match the time in the SMPTE burn window on the video clip, and everything is groovy, baby. Compose away. Hope this helps.


    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Malo:
    1. When you receive a new ep. on VHS, is there a visual SPMTE window on the screen, so you can just digitize it directly, or is it recorded as an audio signal? If the latter is true: How do you deal with syncing and digitizing?

    2. You say that almost any stereo VCR will do for digitizing VHS tapes. Considering the amount of time you spend in front of your TV monitor, how important is the quality of the digitized video (resolution etc...). I just imagine it would be tiresome and uninspiring to watch something that looks lo-quality?

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    Re: An Interview with ROBERT KRAL - April 2002

    Hi Rob,

    I haven\'t spent a lot of time on this forum and I just got a chance to read through your interview. Thanks for taking the time to do this. As a budding composer I found it very inspirational.


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    Re: An Interview with ROBERT KRAL - April 2002


    1)Yes there must be a timecode window burned on the screen for you to work this way. As such, no TC audio is needed, but they should always provide it anyway in case you want to use the tape the old way for some reason.

    2) When I had the miro motion DC30 I used the absolute lowest resolution. A 45 minute episode could be stored using this setting on a 1 gig jaz cartridge. (Total movie storage came to just under one gig). I now use Aurora Fuse, which for me hasn\'t captured at as good quality on the lowest setting so I use a slightly higher setting where the movie (45mins) ends up being 1.5 gigs. To get this I limit the capture rate to 550k per second. These low settings still produce a movie that is totally acceptable to watch and work with, and even provide a preview video tape to the producer. I was surprised when first using these capture cards how good even the lowest settings capture the video.

    3) A really cheap one! Its a 19 inch Sharp. Probably cost about $150 or something like that.

    Everyone using these video cards would say the same thing: do not hesitate to get hold of one: you\'ll never go back to the old way of working ever again!

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