I'm sorry to be the one asking questions to probably obvious answers, but I need help installing Sampletekk's White Grand. I've found some helpful forums already discussing the topic, but I have other problems I just can't solve.

I have logic 9 and installed the the White Grand for exs24. I followed the installation instructions, although I might have somehow messed up when it showed me this message and asked me to copy and paste:

If you are going to use EXS24 Mark II:


I didn't see an actual folder labeled "White Grand". So I copy and pasted the EXS4 Mark II to the sample folder. (I'm not sure if it was the right sample folder.)

On the website it says:
1. Check that all rar-files (for each library), has the same size. Except for the last, that should be a bit smaller.
2. Place all rar-files in the same directory.
3. Unpack only the first one, the one with "part1" in the name. The others will unpack automatically

But when I unpack the files, sometimes it gets an error message, but I tell the program to continue.

After I've did everything, I tried opening the grandpiano plug-in, but when it's loading, I get an error message saying that this file is missing: 5_-19.3_ClPn_C2.wav

So I believe I'm missing parts of files. Thanks to anyone who's reading this! I'm really desperate for this plug-in to work out!