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Topic: How can I "reset" GigaStudio's sound database?

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    How can I \"reset\" GigaStudio\'s sound database?

    Hey all,

    I upgraded from GigaSampler to GigaStudio about a month ago, and am getting along pretty nicely. The only real difference on my machine (PII 350) is the new interface (which I dig), as I\'m sticking at 64 voices and not messing with the effects (2 output system).

    One problem I\'m having is with false entries in GSt\'s database. I have folders showing in the hierarchy that don\'t exist, i.e. they\'ve been deleted or moved. Fortunately, there\'s nothing missing; all my existing .gigs show up ok. The \"ghosts\" cause problems, though, as I sometimes try to open one by mistake.

    Does anyone know how to force GigaStudio to rebuild this database? I\'ve emailed the gang at Nemesys, but from lurking here in the forum I get the idea they\'re quite busy at the moment... =-)


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    Re: How can I \"reset\" GigaStudio\'s sound database?

    Right Click on \"Local Sampler\" (bottom left pane). Select and run \"Update\".

    With one of the lastest patches, you can also press F5.

    GigaStudio is supposed to rescan, at startup, and update, but I find that it doesn\'t always recognize changes. I manually update, after adding, deleting or moving files and/or directories.


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    Re: How can I \"reset\" GigaStudio\'s sound database?

    Hiya Lougheed!

    Thanks for the tip! And here\'s a weird turn of events... Before I even had a chance to try your advice, I ran the .22 update patch and; IT FIXED IT!

    But now I know how to sort the problem out should it happen again. Many thanks! =-)

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