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Topic: ARIA 1.6.2 - VST folder

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    ARIA 1.6.2 - VST folder

    I downloaded and installed the ARIA update 1.6.2. In the Program Files folder--folder Garritan/ARIA Player, the file ARIA Player x64.exe shows date 12/13/2012 and version 1.6.2. However, in the folder Garritan/ARIA Player/VST, the ARIA Player Multi VST dll files show the date 4/29/2011 and the version

    Over in the folder Plogue/Aria, the file aria_x64.dll shows the date 12/12/2012 and the version number

    Then in the Cakewalk/Vstplugins/Garritan folder, I once again see the files version

    This seems to me like something went wrong in the installation. Should I simply copy the dll files from the Plogue folder and delete the versions

    UPDATE: Never mind. I tested Sonar and I tested Finale, and ARIA shows version I'm guessing that the VST folders are pointing to the Plogue folder to get the engine.
    Dean L. Surkin
    Steinway A104030
    Sonar X2 (professional), Finale 2011, JABB 3, GPO

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    Re: ARIA 1.6.2 - VST folder

    The VST dlls are really thin Aria Engine wrappers and have been stable for a while, hence the 1.1xx version.

    All wrappers use the ARIA Engine dll which is in a unique folder in program files, and they is more recent.
    David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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