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Topic: problems continue

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    problems continue

    Hi, I have been a GS user for over 1 year. Now I have updated to a PIII 800 256 Ram 30
    GB Hard drive and have yet to solve my problem. I have called and emailed Nemesys for a month now. Sounds cut off at low polyphony and no one has ever offered me advice as to what might be wrong. Now that I have the P 800 my polyphony has not changed from 64 voices no matter what I do. I need to mention that I use SB live. Does someone have any thoughts on what could be wrong here. There is a great amount of money invested in what I thought was dream software and I know that it is but I need tech support to help me fix what is wrong. Thanks.

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    Re: problems continue

    Did you consider getting rid of the SBlive?

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    Re: problems continue

    try a card with a dedicated gsif driver thats my suggestion

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    Re: problems continue


    What program are you actually using? GS, is it Gigasampler or Gigastudio? I thought that Gigasampler can only play 64 voices. So your case would be normal.

    Regarding Gigastudio, getting a GSIF card might of course help but I run Celeron 500, 20GB HD, 224MB RAM with SB Live and can reach some 80+ polyphony. So I am not sure that the sound card is the problem.
    Can\'t this problem be related to the fact that GSt after installation plays only 64 voices until you restart the computer. Maybe the program can\'t find the information about that you did. Well just a thought. I am not a programmer so maybe it\'s nonsense. I just think that if you get only 64 voices, your system doesn\'t crash under 64+ polyphony(that\'s what my does when I send more than cca 85 voices to GSt), your audio does not click and pop (that\'s what my does when the HD gets into suspend mode and I start playback of a lot of notes i.e. when the HD is not fast enough), then it doesn\'t sound like system problem.


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    Re: problems continue

    If it\'s a Gigasampler, you\'re stuck with 64 - that\'s the spec.

    If you\'ve upgraded to Gigastudio, I believe I read in a post somewhere that the programme still limits the polyphony on each port to 64, even though the total can be 160.
    On a single port card like the SBLive, I suppose that means a limit of 64?
    I could be wrong, I\'ll try and find out, then post again.

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    Re: problems continue

    Found this post from Killerbobjr

    If you have a sequencer and GSt on one machine and have assigned an external MIDI In
    port to a Nemesys MIDI Out port, GSt will automatically limit each port to 64 voices. Go to your Settings|Hardware/Routing screen in GSt and set all MIDI In ports to none.

    So I\'m probably wrong about the firm limit on polyphony per port - sounds like its adjustable (phew!)

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    Re: problems continue

    Thanks so much for your responses guys. Chadwick, you made alot of sense in a previous post about reverb tails affecting polyphony. So I went and shut off all effects from the SB live and everything was fine. Then, and get this, I put a nice hall reverb from the Sb live on a mix and everything was still fine, I am getting all 160 voices. I don\'t understand any of this but it is nice after a year of struggling to have this satisfaction. Like I said I have just updated to a pIII 800 but I had Gigastudio when it first came out. Thanks again for your responses.

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    Re: problems continue


    You\'re kidding Punda!

    All I meant about the tail of a sound and the beginning of the next note adding up polyphony-wise was the actual amplifier envelope release, not the actual reverb tail!
    I have always assumed that the NFX stuff would put a load on the CPU, but not affect polyphony much. I can\'t believe killing the NFX gives you such a polyphony boost.


    My hope is that at the same time as you killed the NFX stuff you also changed somethiing else, and THAT is what got your polyphony up.(I hope....)

    Damn, I\'ve got pretty much the same setup as you - PIII800, 256ram, 30gb for Gigs and separate 15gb for progs.
    Please tell me I can use the NFX stuff and not pay for it by blowing away 2/3rds of my available polyphony!!!

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    Re: problems continue

    Very interesting reading guys!

    When I have a lot of voices playing and switch on the NFX Reverb, my system also limits polyphony but completely so: either the Cubase refuses to play back, saying there is not enough resources, or my system crashes.
    I stick to using the Reverb on my Yamaha DSPF, sounds better anyway.


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    Re: problems continue

    Likely, some Pro says \"PIII800, 256ram\" is still not good enough for using NFX...
    Thanks Elle for the pointer: http://www.alexanderpublishing.com/GigaStudio/
    Here is about the NFX:

    \"With the NFX Effects
    If you\'re going to fully use GigaStudio with its NFX effects for full production, then our own studio experience is that you need the PIII 800 and 768 MB of RAM (confirmed to us also by Nemesys). There are two reasons for this. The first is for the samples (as explained above), and the second is because the effects draw a lot of power from the machine. Each time Reverb was added, we watched a 4% drop and that\'s with 768MB of RAM. Our second unit with GigaStudio also uses the fast Cheetah 160 SCSI drives. We\'re extremely pleased with both the polyphony we get and the significantly faster load time at 10,000RPM.\"

    Anyone\'s idea? we would like to hear from Nemesy?

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