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Topic: Very confused on what to do

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    Very confused on what to do

    I am semi-new to samples and am really confused by the amount of samples that actually exist. I\'m 19 so money is kind of an issue.

    I saw the garritan personal orchestra for $249 and I thought wow this is a good opportunity but then I listen to stuff like sam horns and am also completely blown away.

    I then think to myself, look at dssoundware, the ultimate orchestral library or london and think how can they be charging $299 or $399 for percussion alone.

    In your opinions would the best way to go would be buying everything seperate, yet best quality or to go for GPO which still sounds great.

    I need really good percussion / Trumpets..

    Would the best bet be buy GPO for the woodwinds and strings and then buy UOP or LOP for percussion and SAM Trumpets? (I haven\'t heard percussion used very much in the demos GPO has done so far) I think this would still be in my price range. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    Start with GPO and work with that a while. Then, make a decision to expand as necessary. At $249, it\'s insane to not make this your first purchase, regardless of style - unless you\'re looking for Tower of Power brass and percussion for your best Santana knock-off. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    I would pick up GPO and get GTown\'s percussion. Then start adding onto it later.

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    Yes, I would agree with the earlier posts... first of all go out and get the Garritan Personal Orchestra. You could spend a small fortune on sample libraries (and, you know, a lot of us already have done just that)... but to start off... yes, the GPO would certainly be the way to go. I mean WOW what a fantastic price and really nice sounding samples! Also, there are some real great free Giga samples posted on the net. (like G-town, as mentioned earlier) Best of luck, [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Gary

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    Thanks a lot for the help!

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    Now, I would go for the London Percussion. Very expensive, very good. Rumour goes that it\'s the best on the market. Either this or QLSO Percussion, you can\'t go wrong. Then I would buy Sam\'s Brass CDs. Everyone who owns them is extremely happy. What else...? Oh yeah, the strings! So many choices in that department. But I wouldn\'t go to cheap with them. I know what to take! Sonic Inplants Symphonic Strings. Need a loan to buy them? Do it! OK, the next might hurt your wallet a bit but for woodwinds I definitly go for VSL Performance set. Expensive? Yes! Expression? Absolutely!
    When you buy everything from my list you\'ll have the best orchestral samples on the market today. And then you owe it to yourself (and your family and friends) to do something with your costly investment. There will be no excuse for you to use, like, I can\'t write music cos of these crappy samples. No, these creme of the crop libraries are going to be the gun on your head. Wanna be creative? Then take my advice. It\'s a psycological thing. Don\'t buy cheap. It doesn\'t work that way.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    .tey epoh eb thgim ereht

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    Alex, quick question....

    The VSL library (first edition) percussion is $459(13 GB) while the London is $315 and 2.5 gigs....Could the London be as good as the VSL? (Note : These prices are at www.houseofsamples.com

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    Re: Very confused on what to do


    You don\'t mention if you have a sampler program. If not, then GPO will get you started without having to purchase another program. Get to know this library first and then branch off from there. The winter NAMM is just around the corner and many new items are announced at this time.

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    Re: Very confused on what to do

    I have Sonar 3.0, so that comes with the vsampler which is being a major pain right now. Otherwise, I don\'t have a sampler. the Quantum leap drums really sound great as well

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