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Topic: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

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    EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    Has anyone compared these two?



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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    Hi Rob

    The leslie effect on the B4 is better than the EVB, but the overall tone of the B4 is too clean. Personally, I\'d go for the EVB.

    I have a Hammond C-3 at home and must say, neither of these simulators sound remotely like it. You may be better off with one of the Sonic Implants/Worra sample sets. Neither are as flexible as the virtual instruments, but they sound a lot closer to the original.


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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    I did.

    It\'s very close. It\'s like comparing a \'58 Strat to a \'59 one! For me Emagic won but it\'s totally down to preference IMO and there\'s nothing wrong with the NI one. I thought Emagic\'s was a little more CPU friendly and I liked the fact that the Leslie effect appears as a separate plug-in. The Emagic one sounds a little more bright and upfront and I like the way it switched from a slow to fast rotor better. I doubt you\'d be disaapointed with either though.Try before you buy if you can.

    One thing to bear in mind is the Emagic Vintage Collection is about to be releaseed which includes the Hammond along with the Rhodes and D6 at a better price than buying them separately.

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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    the overall tone of the B4 is too clean
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">the vintage collection tonewheel set sorts this out - choose from pure / clean / classic / dirty / filthy / trash.

    you also get new tonewheels (harmonium / vox continental / farfisa)

    well worth it

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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    I am certainally no expert, but I\'ve gotta say that I think the N.I. B4 is much better sounding. I messed with the Emagic organ for 1/2 an hour and couldn\'t get a single sound I liked out of it. I think the B4 sounds decent. I have never owned a B3, but I do have a Leslie 145 with a roland VK-7 hooked up to it and the B4 is almost as good, just not as fat.

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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    I have two Hammonds, an A100 and an A103 (that\'s with the girly French Provincial legs) that both have the B3 guts, plus a Hammond XM1 and a Voce V3. Plus a set of \'Hammond\' patches on a DX-7. Oh yeah, and the B4 (usta play the \"chitlin\' circuit\" back east.)
    My suggestion is the B4 with the Tonewheel upgrade - dirtier. cleaner, any way you want, plus the next update will work with the Voce drawbar set. Plus you get (whoopee!) the Farfisa, Vox Continental and a harmonium.

    The B4 does not sound like any organ I own, but it DOES sound like a couple I\'ve played. And almost every parameter is midi-capable.


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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    I own both also. When solo\'d, I think the EVB3 wins. When both are in a mix, they are practically the same. I doubt very seriously that you will go wrong with either as they are practically the same thing. The biggest difference is the interface. The B4 is just like a real Hammond in this regard.

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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    I think the evb3 is great but the leslie sucks.Too much choruseffect.Anyone have a tip of a external leslie-solution that not cost too much?



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    Re: EVB3 or Native Instruments B4?

    Buy a Leslie 145. Sub $500/£500. You\'ll need to modify it to get power and signal in, but it\'s not so difficult.

    Sometimes its easier (and cheaper) to use the real thing. It\'s all too easy to get sucked into the digital habit...

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