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Topic: Van Cliburn

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    Van Cliburn

    Van Cliburn has died. I am much affected by this. Can't say why, but Mr. Cliburn was one of my few heroes.


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    Re: Van Cliburn

    Mr. Cliburn was one of my few heroes.
    Me, too. Very sorry to hear this news. I first heard Van Cliburn play the Brahms Second Piano concerto in the summer of 1963 at Interlochen, Michigan, and again in, as I recall, 1964 at Tanglewood. Very inspirational.
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    Re: Van Cliburn

    The loss of such a shining star dims the world just a bit.

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    Re: Van Cliburn

    His "Van Cliburn Piano Competition" every 4 years is inspirational and such an outlet for aspiring, young artists. It's too bad he had to pass away before this year's final in May, 2013. Coincidentally, his competition is every 4 years just like the Olympics (only the Winter and Summer games are staggered so that an Olympic competition can be seen every two).
    Many fine pianists have jump-started their careers because of Van Cliburn. An American music hero, he was.

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    Re: Van Cliburn

    A classical music super star that gave back much more than he received.


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