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Topic: RME guidelines for minimizing Windows latency

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    RME guidelines for minimizing Windows latency

    They\'re German - they must know what they\'re doing!

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    Re: RME guidelines for minimizing Windows latency

    from the readme file of RME Digi96 new GSIF driver:

    RME Intelligent Audio Solutions
    DIGI96 Series 24 Bit PCI Digital In/Out Card
    Important information: Driver Update 4.93

    Bugfixes since version 4.90: None
    DirectSound multi-device operation: start/stop in DS and DS/ASIO/MME/GSIF mixed mode improved
    ASIO Settings dialog: latency table added
    Gigasampler interface (GSIF) 2/8-channel 24 bit/96 kHz implemented
    Unsupported modes disabled

    Important information on Gigasampler operation:
    Please note that the DIGI96 series requires identical formats when used in multi-client operation! All programs simultaneously accessing the DIGI MUST use the same sample rate and bit resolution! Otherwise de-tuned sound or no sound at all will be heared.

    Also it is not possible to use the same channels with different programs simultaneously. If for example Cubase is used with ASIO on channels 1/2 (default in Cubase, master bus), this output pair can not be used in Gigasampler. Please note that in case of such a mis-configuration no error message is shown.

    In case more than 2 channels shall be used under GSIF, activate \'Force ADAT\' in the Settings dialog before starting the software.

    Error messages / no sound:

    In case Gigasampler is used in 24 bit and Cubase is started with ASIO 16 bit currently no dialog box is shown, but ASIO sound output is stopped. To re-activate ASIO sound output set ASIO back to the previously used 16 bit (in our driver settings), and select \'Reset Devices\'. In case this functionality is not included in the used software simply re-start the ASIO software.

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    Re: RME guidelines for minimizing Windows latency

    I think I read the same thing about all software using the same sample rate on the manual of another card (probably the Delta 1010).
    Doesn\'t seem like such a bad thing.
    No surprise that Cubase and Giga can\'t use the same channel.
    Bummer about resetting ASIO if Giga is in 24 bit mode.

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