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Topic: Giga studio FX

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    Giga studio FX

    Hi All
    Just wanted to give my 2 cents about the NFX effects that come with giga studio.
    I think the effects are fine except the reverb. The reverb is the effect that most display\'s it weakness.
    Although I think it\'s great that Nemesys has created these low latency and low CPU usage effects for giga studio , I feel the quality of the reverb is probably about equal to the cakewalk 2 effects that come with cakewalk. [a little grainy,not very full and smooth].I have a Darla 24 and SB live sound cards in my system and I feel the smoothest fullest best sounding reverbs that I have heard are ,the reverb in my SB live [I guess that 1000 mips chip can really create some complex algorythms] and also a plug in from Waves called True verb[but the trueverb is direct x and would not work in giga studio].

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    Re: Giga studio FX

    Hi Ken 159

    I was interested to hear that you have a SB Live and a Darla24. How does the sound quality of the SB Live compare with the Darla24?

    I am a keyboard player and use the sb Live with GigaStudio. Although I am very pleased with it I believe that the sound quality of the GSI cards can be much better. Is this the case and what really determines this better quality in terms of the technical spec?


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    Re: Giga studio FX

    Thanks for the interesting input.

    Is this similar sound quality, apart from the hiss that you mention, with all types of music?


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    Re: Giga studio FX

    Hi John
    To answer your question .
    The darla 24 can record in 24 bit and the SB can only record in 16 bit.
    Comparing both cards at the same 16 bit 48 k sample rate . The darla is cleaner and has a much hotter output.
    It seems to me that the sb live is about as quiet as my old last card that I had before the sb live called Turtle beach montery, it\'s a isa card ,I think it was manufactured somewhere around 1995,and at the time it was considered a fairly quiet card in its price range [around $250] I saw a artical in Keyboard where they did a signal to noise test on it and it was around 85 db. The sb seems to be around that same range of quietness , although the sb has alittle more highend frequency transparency.
    One cool thing about the sb card is that it has nice sounding effects ,spdif[which the darla doesn\'t have]and the sb is what they call a stereo multiclient ,which means you can run two aplications through the sb card [like cakewalk and giga studio]and let them both share the same two outputs .Which is pretty convienant if you don\'t have a mixer .
    If I were to run two aplications on the Darla card I would have to asign each aplication to a different set of outputs ,which is fine if you have a mixer to mix it down to stereo.

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    Re: Giga studio FX

    BTW, If you go to Multimedia/audio/playback tab you can get some of the hiss to lessen with the Soundblaster.

    I mute Line-in, microphone and others. Just experiment with the volume up loud (but no music playing)muting this and that and you\'ll hear the hiss diminish - not gone completely but certain less.

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    Re: Giga studio FX

    As far as the SB Live quality, I think you will notice a bit more hiss than using a pro audio card - which has virtually none. This isn\'t a real issue though, because it\'s only for monitoring and when you capture to WAV in Gigastudio and play it back on your good audio card or burn to CD, there\'s no hiss.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Giga studio FX

    Hi Kenn

    Thanks for your comments, which are very helpful, particularly your reference to stereo multiclient and mixer points. As a new comer to the sampling/GS business I sometimes find it difficult to understand the specifications and facilities of the hardware and software involved. Your reply was very comprehensible and educational.

    Going back to the comparison of the sb Live with Darla24 I would like to clarify that I do not use recording at the moment. My main requirement is to use GigaStudio with GigaPiano and Peter Ewers superb Symphonic Organ samples as the sound source for my keyboard playing. All samples are in 16 bit 44,100 Hz. What I am trying to determine is whether I should upgrade from sb Live to Darla24 get better real time midi/audio sound whilst I am playing.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Giga studio FX


    The Darla 24 doesn\'t \'do\' MIDI, so you would need a separate midi card if you want better MIDI. I have been told to avoid USB midi devices because they tend to be slower. Apparently Midi boxes which sit on the ISA bus are also a pain.

    Even though you don\'t record, you\'ll notice that the Darla sounds \'louder\' - ie you don\'t have to turn your amp input/output up as high to get a good listening level. The result is a clearer sound. Also more \'headroom\' usually gives sounds more punch.

    If you\'re only playing two instruments, I can\'t see you stressing the MIDI capabilities of the SBLive that much.

    If you\'ve got money to splash, go get the Darla 24 and something like an eMagic UnitorII. Otherwise, in a non recording situation you may not see a great benefit when only playing the two sounds.

    I thought I read somewhere that each Gigastudio port had a maximum polyphony of 64 voices. If that\'s right, with an SBLive single port you\'ll be sharing those 64 voices between the piano and organ. With stereo, sustain and crossfading, you can certainly reach 64 voices between two instruments quickly. But maybe I read wrongly. Must check.

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    Re: Giga studio FX


    I may have given you a bum steer re midi port polyphony. Just found this post from Killerbobjr:

    If you have a sequencer and GSt on one machine and have assigned an external MIDI In
    port to a Nemesys MIDI Out port, GSt will automatically limit each port to 64 voices. Go to your Settings|Hardware/Routing screen in GSt and set all MIDI In ports to none.

    I read that as saying that you only have a 64 voice limit if you\'re using a sequencer on the same machine and are routing the controller keyboard to a GSt midi out. If you aren\'t doing that, I suppose there\'s no problem with getting 160 out of a single midi port.
    NB a midi \'channel\' contains all the communication info for (generally) a single instrument\'.
    A midi \'port\' is a socket containing 16 separately addressable channels.

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    Re: Giga studio FX

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by donimon:
    As far as the SB Live quality, I think you will notice a bit more hiss than using a pro audio card - which has virtually none. This isn\'t a real issue though, because it\'s only for monitoring and when you capture to WAV in Gigastudio and play it back on your good audio card or burn to CD, there\'s no hiss.
    Hope that helps.
    I agree, whatever \"HISS\" or \"ARTIFACT\" is possible on the different soundcards, it might determines whether 16, 18, 20 or 24 audio bit-rates...I\'d just like to put a reference, maybe you could have an experiment your own ways.
    I don\'t want to disappoint anyone who are in love with SB-LIVE, but I can say that it really is only a best quality in the \"pricing and feature\" for Home-Recording-Studio...
    an Opinion,

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