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Topic: Trouble with Finale and Gigasampler

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    Trouble with Finale and Gigasampler

    I set up Gigasampler using Symphonic Voices samples and Gigapiano on 3 channels. I use Finale 2000a as the controller. It plays back fine except that when I set the Finale playback control to start at a measure within the score and hit play, my computer freezes. I am running a 400 MH Celeron with 140 meg of Ram on Win 98. One thing I should note is that the Finale score is very long..it\'s a piano/vocal score of over 100 pages. Also, in order to the Symphonic Voice samples to play at the proper pitch, in Finale I set the Clefs to transposition.

    Anyone have any insight into this? I would also like to correspond with other composers using Finale and Gigasampler. My email is: rudenste@osi.sylvania.com

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    Re: Trouble with Finale and Gigasampler

    Hi Roger,

    I also use Finale with GSt, but Since I have GSt on a separate system, I may not be the best person to respond. Yeah, but why should I let that stop me…

    Do you have the same problem with a short score?

    Also, Finale 2000 is now up to revision C. It’s always good to get the latest patch when you’re having a problem. Ditto that for GSt.


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