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Topic: choke/mute groups

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    choke/mute groups


    With drum programming it\'s sometimes necessary to have the closed hihat \"choke\" the open hihat because that\'s what a drummer would have to do. Could someone tell me if it\'s possible to create \"choke groups\" (sometimes called \"mute groups\" with the latest giga editor? Help files didn\'t give me any clue and I couldn\'t find related topics in this forum.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: choke/mute groups

    Hi Jasu
    The Gigasampler actually has a spot on its graphical interface which is intended for this purpose, but it hasn\'t been implemented in the software yet.
    However, the Gigastudio does have this ability. If you\'re using Gigastudio, I hope someone who\'s using it can drop you a note here. I would think you can find it somewhere in \'case properties\' for the particular region (closed hat region or open hat region). Most likely you will have to assign the open and closed hats to use the same \'keygroup\' in an exclusive/mono/solo mode (as opposed to polyphonic mode).
    If you\'re using Gigasampler, either you wait for a software update (...), or try an alternative to the usual choke method. Some guys set the volume envelope release on the open hat to very short (organ style on/off envelope). Then the open hat only plays for as long as the note is programmed on. It \'cuts off\' when you let go of the key.
    Not as intuitive as the choke method, but better than having an open hat splash all over the closed ones.

    Good Luck

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    Re: choke/mute groups

    Thanks Rick, that\'s it!!

    I\'m using the latest version of Gigastudio and it worked as follows:
    Go in the editor and find the keys for the hihats, right click on them and choose properties. Change the keygroup to 1 or higher, in this way putting all hats in the same keygroup.
    This also works for monophonic sounds.
    Find in help file under \"region properties\".


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