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Topic: My first Giga/VSL offering...

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    My first Giga/VSL offering...


    I just got the VSL on Thursday, and only have previous Giga experience using Dan Dean Solo Strings, as I got it the week before!!!

    So my experience with Giga-ing is a bit weak, but I couldn\'t be more pleased right now.

    My background is that of a weekend/evening composer, than a music production guru.

    That being said, however, I\'m tickled with what I was able to produce just today, practically out of the box...though with great care.

    I haven\'t got a handle (nor even yet downloaded yet to my hard drive) the VSL Performance Set, so stuff can most likely improve here. So this stuff is just using things found in the Orchestral Cube, and as it happens, most often the \"BASIC INSTRUMENTS\" .gig file of the most common samples for each instrument that VSL so logically, and helpfully provides.

    But here, I offer my brief, playful 2:00 minute Concert Band March.


    Concert Band? Yes... I had to do some substitutions to make it work with VSL. It\'s not that bad, except that the bassoon section, which now covers Alto, Tenor, and Bari sax would probably kill me if this was real life because of the higher register they\'re playing in. (Bass clarinet part was pushed into the octave higher where needed too for use with the regular Bflat Clarinet samples.)

    Also a second Tuba in the higher register was used in subsitution for the Euphonium part. Also, of course, the VSL C tumpet is faking the B flat trumpets. And finally, there is no VSL piccolo yet, so that part is covered by a high flute.

    PROBLEMS you can hear, and I can probaly work out, are a few clarinet and trumpet velocities, and sample choices... etc. and getting the \"cherry\" spot out of the clarinet legatos in quicker time...done logically, etc. Tuba and Euphonium parts are a bit muddy in a small spot (but that could be me composer, not the samples I picked.)

    Yet, I\'m so in love with the VSL pecussion samples.

    And in general, brass quiet staccato, pesante sections are gorgeous.

    As this was my first big sound library after my Yamha s80 synth...good lord... what an imrovement, of course!

    I happen to use Sibelius (notation software) fed right into Giga... so, I have to manually enter (without slders) values sometimes for velocity/expression volume, or others, etc.. But, the default Sibelius \"mf\" to \"f\" is a huge leap for the VSL. Thankfully those parameters can be changed

    Blah, blah....

    Phew.. I\'m very happy with just being able to do this today... I know it will improve.

    And this is cool, my girlfriend seems to be happy too...who was very worried about the cost of all of this.

    No risk, no gain, I say.

    (forgive me if this stuff is too unpolished)

    PS, the piece I\'m doing with DDSS, hopefully will be finished in time for Valentine\'s Day.

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    Re: My first Giga/VSL offering...

    Originally posted by Sharmy:

    You have posted a piece that is not common on this forum. It may explain the lack of response. It\'s clear you put a lot of hard work into this piece and it shows.

    One comment if I may say....is to try to break up your lines. Vary your articulations more to make it more real sounding. Band stuff is particulary difficult to pull off. Whenever I\'m doing a show and I have a limited amount of time, I suggest going for source cues of the real thing instead of me spending long amounts of time programming it.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks Sharmy....

    Yes, I have a lot to learn on \"producing\" real sounding renderings.

    And yah, this piece is very different than what\'s usually here, but I\'m grateful for the comment. (bit embarassed really.)

    For just one afternoon\'s work with the VSL, it was so exciting to hear it beyond what normal crap I usually listen to. (my ethusiasm got the best of me...kid in a candy store.)

    Anyhow, I\'ll probably remain a lurker now and soak up this knowledge on how to do a better rendering.. (As I get to know the library better too, I may get those needed articulations, etc.) Admittedly, right now my biggest pleasure is the composition aspects... but maybe the production aspects will improve as I get more into it.

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    Re: My first Giga/VSL offering...

    This is a unique demo in the fact that it\'s so bare bones it\'s actually kinda cool! I was surprised that some sounds are quite convincing even in this very dry and quantized context, while others fell pretty flat.
    The percussion seems quite nice!

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    Re: My first Giga/VSL offering...


    Nice piece. I really like the changes throughout. I like the way the melody is carried on by different instruments from the start.

    I think the staccato stabs could be more dynamically varied at points. They seem too uniform. I imagine this piece would come off even better if it were done
    exclusively with woodwinds (and percussion) or brass (and percussion).

    The tempo dynamics are nice too.

    Definitely need more music like this on the forum. Keep it coming.

    I tried something similar with Dan Dean Solo Brass and some percussion. (It\'s not obviously like yours, but closer in style to yours than to most of the music postings here.)

    If you\'d like to check it out, here are the links. I\'d like your comments.




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    Re: My first Giga/VSL offering...


    That was pretty impressive. The first Dan Dean demo that I get to listen, I\'m heading to their web page right now...


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    Re: My first Giga/VSL offering...

    Originally posted by Marko:


    I tried something similar with Dan Dean Solo Brass and some percussion. (It\'s not obviously like yours, but closer in style to yours than to most of the music postings here.)

    If you\'d like to check it out, here are the links. I\'d like your comments.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Marko,

    Thanks very much for the nice comments. It was especially nice to hear \"keep it coming.\" You certainly made my day.

    I really like your pieces! Immediately the first one reminded me of something Ginastera would do. It has, if not surpasses the vitality of his Estancia \"Malambo\", etc., especially around :25, with the trumpet doing the legato tupple stuff over the quick tuba/percussion stuff underneath, and then the horn/trombone although, slower, in paralell with the trumpet. V. Nice!

    Is that a piccolo trumpet in there too?

    Wonderful, dynamic stuff.... something the Empire Brass would play (cause they can!!)

    (I was a tuba player in high school, but terribly out of practice now...that\'s one killer of a tuba part!!)

    My March was written last March (coincidence), where I had only JUST started composing again after an 8 year haiatus of anything musical after completeting my music degree, etc. etc. back in \'94.

    I\'m still getting the moths out of my head... and just now leaving the 19th century behind, I hope. The original intent was to follow sorta, Holst\'s First Suite March, but it got more irreverent, etc. and was my first scoring ever for a large ensemble.

    I have other shelved Brass Quintet pieces which are almost more inline with your style... but haven\'t worked on them in a while, etc.

    I must say, yous gots more chops than I do, so hearing your music is definitely inspiring and stuff I look forward to as I develop my craft.

    Beautifully produced, etc. The DD brass library... I may have to look into it!!


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    Re: My first Giga/VSL offering...

    Hunter + Jose,
    Thanks for the comments.

    Wow! A Ginastera fan! I think he is one of the most underrated composers of the the 20th century. I\'m a big fan of his music. You refer to Estancia and the Malambo movement. That movement is so ecstatic. I love his harp concerto, his piano sonatas (Santiago Rodriguez plays them excellently), his piano concerto, string quartets and his guitar sonata.

    You mention the Empire Brass group. I have yet to give them a good listen. I think I have a recording of them somewhere. I recently purchased a cd by the Burning River Brass ensemble called Russian Carnival. There\'s a composition by DiLorenzo, the final movement of which is scintillating. I think it\'s titled Ring of Fire. I have listened to it a lot to get an idea for using the tuba as a bass line. They also play a nice version of the last movement of Prokofiev\'s Scythian Suite. Very powerful brass!

    There\'s also an old recording by Arthur Blythe with a tuba player and a conga player. The tuba player (Bob Stewart) lays down great bass lines, but this is certainly more in the jazz domain.

    The dynamic layers in the DDSB permit you to do a lot. The piccolo trumpet, I think, is quite beautiful and plaintive. Some of the brass effects (glissando, flutter tongue and minor trill) are from another library, viz. Biggas Giggas Brass.

    You mention a Holst piece. I am not familiar with it.

    I just gave your piece another listen. I like the jaunty melodies in it. Reminds me of Ives.

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