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Topic: third and fourth demo

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    third and fourth demo

    these are my new, third and fourth, demos. Any feedback, opinions, suggestions would be very appreciated.

    Darkside.mp3 (3 MB)
    Ontheverge.mp3 (1,3 MB)

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    Re: third and fourth demo

    Hi PetN,

    Thanks for posting. I am prolly not the best one to get \"how-to\'s\" from, but let me give you my first impression. While I can definitely hear compositional skill here (I really liked \"on the verge\"), I\'m having a hard time getting past the strings. Take a listen from some of the mock-ups on this board from people like Maarten, Simon, Sharmy and Thomas J, etc - one area they all excel at is in how they get the strings to sound so \'real\'.

    Do a serach on this board to find out their techniques, libraries used.

    One more suggestion is when you post a demo list what libraries, verb, etc you are using and perhaps someone with the same library can suggest ways to tweak it for you(search King\'s posts - he\'s particularily good at this.)

    As you mock up acoustic instruments you will find yourself listening to the real thing with \'different ears\' - always asking yourself - \"how can I imitate that articulation, etc.\".

    Hope this $.02 helps. Good luck.


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    Re: third and fourth demo

    Yeah \"on the verge\" is nice, but the string stacs just don\'t cut it:

    1) They\'re too repetitive, alter the volume start time and end times by a little on each note.
    2) It might be cool to switch from violins to cello. For example say the violin plays an a5 stac and the next note is a5 use the cello but lower it to like a3 and alternate. That might atleast add a cool effect.
    3) When the legato violins come in and play the same note twice maybe make a quarter note above it to add like a 3 step fall type sound kinda like na nah na...lol. EG c5 d5 c5
    4) Are you using Soundblasters EAX reverb (that is what it sounds like to me)?
    5) EQ some of the high freqs out, it is a little to harsh sounding at times.

    It has that \"The Edge\" by Jerry Goldsmith feel to it.

    Anyways I hope this helps

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    Re: third and fourth demo

    Thank you, Rob and Adam, for your comments and suggestions, they are very helpful.

    The strings are GOS, but only sustain patches (stacs are sus layered with legato samples).
    Brass is Quantum Leap + free SAM Trumpet
    Reverb isnt\'t Sound Blaster EAX, but an old $50 Zoom box.

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