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Topic: Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

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    Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

    I\'m currently using KH Virtuouso Strings, and am happy as a clam with the library. I use GigaStudio for live improvisation, and the sound of the library pleases me..... with one exception.... the solo strings really don\'t have enough articulations.

    I understand that KH is in the process of doing an additional library that addresses the small ensemble/solo strings issue, but really it\'s overkill for me (in terms of $$$ and in terms of what I need... I just want solo strings.

    I\'ve seen very good reviews of DD Solo Strings on this forum, but I\'m baffled. The demo on the BigFishAudio.com site site doesn\'t sound all that convincing to me.

    Please tell me I\'m wrong and point me to a demo that shows off these strings and makes them shine. My hand is reaching for my wallet.

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    Re: Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

    Thanks for the comments on the VS Strings. Have you heard some of the solo string demos? If not, I can provide you with a link.

    Thanks again,
    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

    check www.dandeanpro.com

    I believe there are better demos there, one of which is form a user, and is fantastic.

    Its a library taht works well layered over section samples to get more \"definition\" or add the nuances of multiple players (instead of a sample of sections playing)

    BTW, DDsolo Strings is only one dynamic as well.

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    Re: Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

    King nailed it,
    They are extremely useful in combination with sections breathing life into each note and in some cases covering that synthy no vibrato whatsoever feel.

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    Re: Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

    Thanks Kirk,King, and Adam.
    The demo on the DanDeanPro site did make it clear what my problem is. As is so often the case, it really has less to do with the quality of a library than the context in which it is used.

    The demo has a very soft and lovely sound, more diffused than the KH library which is central to my string sound. The problem really is that the two libraries don\'t \"splice\" together very well. With Kirk\'s library, I feel like I\'m riding on top of the bow, being sprayed with rosin, with the sound penetrating me. The demo of the DD library makes me feel as if I\'m floating through a softly sunlit meadow, and being hugged by the sound.

    The more aggressive sound works better in my music. I use the KH Solo Strings and Quartet to create what you might think of as a single instrument spanning the range of Cello --> Violin Harmonics. I often use it without layering it over any other instruments... truly in a solo mode (soaking it in reverb is nice... I like to imagine I\'m a wild Roumanian gypsy spinning out the most passionate entrancing stuff....)

    I\'m able to make all the samples I\'m currently using sound as if they are one instrument by tweaking the various samples a bit. It\'s a great solo instrument, but I\'m missing the detaches and pizzes and other articulations that would make the instrument more flexible. Still, those extra samples must be close enough to the KH strings to sound like they\'re played on the same instrument.

    The no brainer would be to use the upcoming KH solo strings, but I hate to spend the relatively bigger bucks for only the Solos.

    Thanks again for the help in understanding what I heard and where I need to go.

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    Re: Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

    My apology to Kirk Hunter. I mistakenly thought the solo string library was a mix of solo and small ensemble. I also thought the price was almost exactly twice what it really is... I guess I must have confused it with the price of the Brass Library.

    It\'s probably hard enough to sell libraries without some dope disseminating disinformation. Anyway.... I found the link to the solo strings myself and... well, they are solo strings alright, and happily, the sound is just what I was looking for! It\'s not too hard to imagine that the samples would merge nicely with the existing solo strings in KHVS.

    \'Nuff said. No need to wax on.

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    Re: Dan Dean Demo Disappoints...What to do?

    Originally posted by gabriels:
    The demo of the DD library makes me feel as if I\'m floating through a softly sunlit meadow, and being hugged by the sound.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">That\'s beautiful, man.

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