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Topic: Tascam's Redesigned Website?

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    Tascam\'s Redesigned Website?

    Looks new to me. However (unless I\'ve missed something or at 1:00am on 10/28/03 it wasn\'t there yet) there is no mention of GigaStudio anywhere, except for the price reduction area. Even in the drop down product listing it wasn\'t mentioned. But Giga Pulse was, which is cool. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Tascam\'s Redesigned Website?

    The old giga site is still going but, is it just me, or does it look offensively uncool and antiquated?
    I really wonder if Tascam is putting anything behind Giga? The current state of the website is not flattering.
    The sample cds graphics are all over the place and everything is a little inconsistent. For people who have revolutionized sampling I would expect a kicka## website the rocks my world.

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    Re: Tascam\'s Redesigned Website?

    Further proof that Giga 3 is a gigantic hoax, perpetuated by the evil Dave Govett...


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    Re: Tascam\'s Redesigned Website?

    Yeah from what I hear Dave had ties to the Down under and I don\'t mean Australia. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Tascam\'s Redesigned Website?


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    Re: Tascam\'s Redesigned Website?

    Pathetic isn\'t it.

    I worked for Grass Valley Group for nine years. In every survey about top brands in the broadcast equipment market our name was #1 or #2. Our ratings in sub-categories about product, pricing, etc. varied, but for service we were *always* #1. I can confidently say that we made our name on service above all else.

    As the evil owner Tektronix constricted their tenticles around us (the Tek CEO/Chariman at the time was Gerome Meyer - the dirty f*ck was also on the board of Enron for the past few years) we lost a lot in sales, marketing and engineering, but we kept the service value as high as we could.

    Thankfully, an investor took Grass private, and now it\'s owned by Thomson. And I can only hope that Mr. Meyer ends up rotting in jail, before his inevitable trip \"down under\".

    Unfortunately, it seems that Tascam has their own Mr. Meyer somewhere. And he seems to think that they can cut service and customer relations as a path to success. Let\'s hope this changes soon.

    Please note that this doesn\'t necessarily reflect on the Giga development team. During Grass\' darkest hours the leadership was rotten, but we had a lot of great, talented individuals pouring their hearts into making great products. And things eventually changed for the better.

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    Re: Tascam\'s Redesigned Website?

    Deppressing isn\'t it.
    To bad so sad but Tascam has left the building.
    There used to be a Teac/Tascam repair department out my way here in Canada, well they\'ve fired all the repair guys and it\'s now just a shipping Co.
    I mean the idea is NOT to have to repair your equiptment, but if you do they won\'t anymore. This ****ty TMD4000 has now been in 3x\'s now in 5 years and is down again. Only now it has to be farmed out. IF it can be repaired it\'s \"Ebay\" bound. Can\'t even go on the forums to get some help from the experts... That is the real world users.. There was a bunch of us online that could really get to the bottom of a problem and Tascam wasn\'t even involved. Oh well I guess my $$$ go somewhere else now.
    Bri [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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