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Topic: Cool Vibes

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    Cool Vibes

    Hans Adamson, is another sound developer who does a superb job in creating fantastic sampled instruments. I have just received his Cool Vibes and installed it on GigaStudio, did some transpositions and then translated it to Kontakt. It sounds great and I plan on using it for live performances shortly.

    Frank L. Rosenthal

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    Re: Cool Vibes

    Ditto to what you\'ve said. It\'s a very good and obviously well thought-through library. The sound is extremely real and the playability is great (which is important with Vibes, obviously). I\'m very happy with it.

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    Re: Cool Vibes

    Ditto on all accounts [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Cool Vibes

    Hans and I spent some time together at NAMM drooling over the amazing pianos that were on display upstairs. Hans has a particularly exacting ear for evaluating such things. It shows in his products.


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    Re: Cool Vibes

    Hans, I\'d like to know what you are working on right now, any exciting products in store for us?

    Best regards,

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    Re: Cool Vibes

    It\'s a beauty. Hans do some great stuff - and he is a nice guy too!


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    Re: Cool Vibes


    Thanks all of you! That\'s very kind.

    I have two pending projects, that I wanted to hold back until Giga 3.0. As it seems now, I may release one, or both of them before this. My next release will be an acoustic bass for smaller ensemble work. It is extensively recorded with both plucked and bowed notes. I actually recorded this before the vibes, but haven\'t had time to work with it until recently.

    The other pending project is a 1960 Hamburg Steinway B, recorded last summer. This is an extensivly recorded instrument, and it will take some time to finish. I made a test instrument of the Steinway, featuring only one velocity, mezzoforte, if you want to listen in:


    Thanks again,

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    Re: Cool Vibes

    yah, Cool Vibes is nice. I\'ve got it hear too. It really is nice for jazzy settings if you ask me. The recording isn\'t \"hall\" for orchestral settings, but it works in that context too with a bit of verbage.

    I actually like its soft samples. They\'ve got a real nice character...dreamy.

    not to mention this guy is nutz, he actually mapped out seperate versions of the instruments for a MIDI xylaphone/Vibraphone instrument ( I mean who the heck finds these things?) [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] hehee

    j/k Hans, I met him at NAMM, really nice guy. It would really suck if his work sucked, but all anyone does is rave about his Malmsjo (malmshoo, malmsmaduke...whatever), and this sucker is a great lib too. I\'m awaiting his bass lib tho, should be cool.

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    Re: Cool Vibes


    Please release your bass soon. I could use another one.

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