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Topic: no sound in the studio

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    no sound in the studio

    Iám new to giga studio and sampler.

    I don\'t get sound when I play back a sequence in logic.
    The midi meter in gs studio is red and when I play or put notes in the score I hear the sound but when playing back I don\'t hear anything. The faq suggests some remedies but since I dont\'t have a manual yet (it has to come from Germany) I can\'t find p.a. where to set a sound in the loop mode or the halo function???. Anyway if iám looking in the index of the help function a lot of standard terms are not there: p.a. midi loop

    any help welcome


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    Re: no sound in the studio

    Check back messages for link to Gigastudio update. This patch fixed the problem for me. Otherwise, check back messages for workaround using Hubi\'s loopback.

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    Re: no sound in the studio

    The update patch for Logic 4.5 also solves the problem if you haven\'t downloaded the GSt update. The patch for 4.5 is available at the Logic website.

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