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Topic: Random crash with Gs3

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    Random crash Gs3 solution ?

    I am a Gigastudio 3 live player dinosaur . . . and take some advantages, interface and sounds. but . . . five years that i try to undestand why Gs3 driver "msg32.exe" crash sometimes,(poly about 500 notes with top INTEL I7-2700K 3.5GHZ, mother P8B75-M, hyper threading disabled). It appears that the major process Gs3 "msg32.exe" randomly chosen to operate to one core or more. . . More is not a good choice and in this case it crashes when you are looking to increase the polyphony of big multilayer samples. I fixed this with this software http://www.bill2-software.com/proces...er/index.shtml just click "to see the hidden process" and assign to "msg32.exe" only the core number 1, the other process apparent "gstudio" I let it run on 4 cores, it is apparently only used for loading samples.
    In fact, since the use of this manager of hearts I feel that I'm out of a nightmare. . .

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    Re: Random crash with Gs3

    Hello, and thank you. I am not using it live, ( ha-ha-ha, I am 85) but still have this problem some time, I used to blame it on Sonar...
    Thanks again,


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    Re: Random crash with Gs3

    Thank's, now I look for use Gs3 a long time too. . . I must buy last mother board today that can work under Xp with Pci for support Gsif sound card . . . yes I know there is a soft name Kontakt but edition, interface and sound (and the impression of mixing all notes together) stay under gigastudio .

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