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Topic: Hardware Reverb

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    Hardware Reverb

    Hi @ll!

    I am about to buy a hardware reverb... Well, which one should I buy? :-)) Especially when using VSL or any other classical sound library???

    Right at the moment it looks like I\'ll get a Lexicon MPX550...

    Any suggestions? Comments? Experiences?
    Btw, who is using a MOTU 896 with such an external reverb unit?

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    Re: Hardware Reverb

    hi mirai,

    especially for classical stuff, you should consider to get sam7, acoustic mirror or even the sir-freeware (pc) or altiverb (mac). just place your orchestra in all those great places these progs supply...

    after reading some related postings from spectrum and others, i fell in love with roland\'s srv330. nice hardware! i found my unit in some swedish classified ad [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] happy googling!


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    Re: Hardware Reverb

    All good choices.
    Altiverb is excellent.

    The 550 is an all around winner and will serve you well in all contexts.
    the TC 2000/or 3000 are mo money but worth it.

    For the money I would go with the 550. And it saves cpu cycles vs a native verb.

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