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Topic: Say Something Nice About Halion

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    Say Something Nice About Halion

    Hello, I am a new poster here, though I have lurked about for quite some time. I am an enthusiastic Halion user and I am posting to encourage others to check it out.

    What prompted me to write was a pretty damning topic by Michiel re: Halion and his Bosendorfer sample library. I have a LOT of respect for his products, but his \'tests\' were, from my experience, simply not the Halion I know and love.

    The Halion -I- use has had simply wonderful streaming since before Kontakt was even around, and provides much better results than Giga on pretty much every front. The newest version imports Giga libs very well indeed and the Waldorf filters are great.

    But what is really cool about Halion, other than it\'s UTTER reliability, is the depth of programming power under the hood. It\'s use of folders and Mega-Trigg lets one do amazing things that you have to -use- it for a while to truly appreciate. Perhaps someone else can chime in to support my statements.

    What Halion has -not- had is great 3rd party support. This is, frankly, Steinberg\'s fault---they never met a great idea they couldn\'t muck up with crap marketing, but hopefully, with the proper education, developers will see that Halion really does set the standard for softsamplers.

    If not Michiel, I hope we can convince others of the truth of my statements so that developers will expand the offerings in native Halion format.


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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    I agree with you on HALion. I\'m not too interested in the Post \"review\", and won\'t comment on it further.

    Ask Thomas Scarbye about making his J-Slap-n-Fingered bass library work in Kontakt. He\'ll tell you flat out that it can\'t handle it. Scarbee\'s libraries were one of the first things that the demo folks at Nemesys would pull out to demonstrate the full capabilities of GigaStudio - and \"Scarbee\" thought that HALion went so far beyond Giga that he went back to the orginal samples and started over.

    I converted the Scarbee library over from my Giga library, and then installed the HALion version. I can tell you flat out that even though both are fully functional, the HALion version is much more musically reponsive. I think that speaks for itself.

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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    Halion is really great. Many of my users and demo guys uses halion for R.S.P. \'73 and W.E.P. and no complaints here!

    I am very proud of my Halion version of the bass and it is as Houston says - much more musical than Giga version, So far this is the ONLY sampler that can handle this library.

    Soon I\'ll might have a surpise for halion users.
    But you need to buy a lot of ram... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    And another chime in for HALion. The main reasons I went for it were the interface which agreed with me, the import facilities, the ability to run multiple instances simply by loading new ones in my sequencer. And the total integration into my sequencer.

    Coming from a hardware only world, I got fed-up with wiring, re-wiring, saving file externally, finding the right patch etc. With HAL, I\'ve got several templates I can load in an instant. I\'ve also got presets like X-fades, which means that when working with folders (equivalent to a dimension I guess) I can create cross-fades in seconds: highlight folder, select preset fade, highlight next folder select next preset fade etc.

    I also love the ability to use any VST FX on the output of HALion, the automation of the various parameters, the fact I can edit the loaded patches without affecting the original ones (Cubase rememeers all the edits automatically).

    I also like the fact that the audio files are stored externally and can be shared by multiple patches, or edit them with batch tools, normalise them, trim them and so on.

    Although it may not have such a high profile as other soft samplers, HALion has been a great tool for me.

    BTW I have no beef with the other samplers I think they are great tools too. It\'s just that I liked the workflow and power of those folders in HALion and now with version 2.x it\'s working even better.


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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    Soon I\'ll might have a surpise for halion users.
    But you need to buy a lot of ram...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Alright Mr. Scarbee. What do you have up your sleve. I just purchased all of your libraries this week, what else do I have to look forward to?

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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    I own all 3. Giga, Halion and Kontakt.
    I have spent more time on Halion than on Kontakt so maybe my opininon is slanted but..

    ..last night I was trying to load 16 patches into Kontakt. Since everytime you add a patch it ends up at the bottom of the column in the rack where you usually asign midi channel, outputs and edit the patches, my 15th and 16th patches where too low to fit on the screen and the scroll down didn\'t allow me to go down enough to see the last patch (i tried regular, bigger and large screen sizes with no success). Then if you want to assign a midi channel you click on the midi function and it scrolls down. Well when you are already at the bottom of the screen and the midi channel you need scrolls down even lower what do you do? [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]
    In Halion it takes me 5 seconds to set up 16 patches and there is room to load 111(?)extra patches.

    I admit that I might be missing something, I haven\'t spent lots of time with Kontakt (and their 10 pages manual doesn\'t help either)but as far as user friendliness to assign and play with patches Halion wins hands down.

    On the other hand, as usual, one does things the other doesn\'t (Halion doesn\'t really work with Fx Telelport yet) and some libraries are better in one format than another...

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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    I like to use if for small samples, like putting all of Tob\'s g-town stuff in a Halion project. Loads fast, no trouble. I will begin using it a bit more for more non-orchestral samples.

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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    I ran Michiel\'s test on my system. These were my findings:

    Test File 1
    It wasn\'t the best presented Halion setup I\'ve seen, if you don\'t mind me saying so. You would have been better off just copying and pasting the first program into the next 15 slots. Much clearer for a test progam because you can name each program - You nominated to use the prog/chan window and share programs which you hadn\'t named. If you can\'t start out with clarity you\'re making things tougher on yourself. Nevertheless,

    I played all 150 notes on my system, click free and with a CPU reading of 68%. Streaming off.
    When I switched on RAW mode. (Why would you want a good piano to go through filters? The test program did not take advantage of RAW mode) the CPU dropped to 65%.
    With streaming on at 0.75 seconds the red light came on at 101 stereo voices. Clean at 100. That\'s more to do with disk performance than anything else.
    However, everyone should be aware that we are talking about STEREO voices. 100 Stereo voices is 200 mono voices. (Duh!)
    So, I was streaming 200 voices from one ATA drive.

    So there you have it. They claim 45 voices. I got 150 & 100, streaming off/on respectlvely.


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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    Originally posted by Bruce A. Richardson:
    Thomas\'s mapping of his bass for Halion doesn\'t gain musicality because of Halion\'s performance, but because its mapping structure is significantly expanded from GigaStudio\'s 2.0 spec.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">True. sorry if it was confusing. Just wanted to say that in some areas Halion is superior.



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    Re: Say Something Nice About Halion

    As a former Giga owner/user here\'s the thing: I could only ever get Giga to work properly on a separate -single purpose- machine.

    Halion performs like a champ in complete harmony with Reaktor, Cubase SX, etc. And if you -do- have a 2nd computer, you can system link (or FX Teleport) them together and have even more Halion fun going on.

    So, even if the Giga driver is a bit better optimized as a stand-alone thing, that isn\'t really a fair comparison, because -overall- the total cost of ownership is much lower with Halion.


    Originally posted by Bruce A. Richardson:
    I\'m not taking a position against Halion. But context is everything. Thomas\'s mapping of his bass for Halion doesn\'t gain musicality because of Halion\'s performance, but because its mapping structure is significantly expanded from GigaStudio\'s 2.0 spec. As one would expect...but that is only a temporary situation. It has taken Halion, Kontakt, Mach 5, et. al. almost three years to come within striking distance of Giga\'s overall performance (and only by using huge amounts of CPU and memory resources. A 3/4 second buffer is insanely large.)

    These are ALL critical assessments that have to be made in a truly balanced comparison. [/QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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